Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Oregon ranchers want free lands,want to over graze lands,want to drive out native animals.

Ranchers are not the environments best friend,my friends. Cattle are hugely destructive as they stop the natural regeneration of flora. Plants are used to seasonal herds of Elk,Moose,Bison..not a hoovering cow walking in place with 100,000 buds.
Do you know how many streams in California are almost dead because of cattle? They have ruined watersheds all over the state..they turn small creeks into mud ditches- with high eroded banks and no trees. You see that all over the eastbay. "Dry" creek? before ranching it ran all year. True. So many bay area creeks had water all year..ranchers have destroyed that.
Oregon Ranchers want rights that go back to 1840. Well,we know more then what people in 1840 knew dont we?

They are welfare land.