Monday, January 18, 2016

Pamela Moore is for Pamela Moore.

She works MLK day...then takes off Thursday. Do you think a co-hort of Radnich is truly sweet? She plays the game of look out for no.1. Her and Raddy would sell each other out at a drop of the hat. So far the duo haven't come to that

With her and KRON past and present co workers? She works the good cop side of her and Radnich's bad cop. But both are out for themselves-lol.

Brittaney will learn. Brittaney? My advice at KRON? Sit with your back against the wall in the lunchroom. Get me?

 Push comes to shove- they shove you out.

Oh,and Pero starting Brittany on MLK day? That shows all those Oakland people.