Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Papa,creepy and angriest man in local sports.

I like what somebody on another blog said about Greg Papa " He's a creepier Radnich" How true.

If I was the police? I would start to open cold cases where Papa has been-lol. I mean the guy always talks about woman and his late on the road drunken nights in bars all over the country. Papa also seems so obviously impressed with himself as somebody too smart to be caught. I bet he can dig a grave in record time- smart enough to know the right soils to dig in-LOL. Yeah,when he sobers he says "That was the last time"...ohhh,don't they always?..Je!

Lets see- Buffalo,Syracuse and Miami and all over the globe...hmm Papa's M.O.!
..CSI COLD CASE! get on it!