Monday, January 18, 2016

People who work on this day when its a free day off? Dont want to honor..

Martin Lucifer Coon. That's what the KLAN calls him. These local celebs like Bruce- who admit they can stay home,get paid for sniffing belly button lint, for some reason thinks its just important to show the gang "I ain't taking no black mans holiday". "I'm not one of THOSE LIBERAL Jews"
That's the truth. He hates Lowell Cohn too.
Oh,and the black guy  who called in to "appreciate Bruce" for working today? I nominate stupidest black man in America and of course a plant. Bruce couldn't even think of anything to say . 'Thanks for appreciating my flexing my right wing over the man who changed the world for the better" Wouldn't have rolled off his tongue..
Pam Moore? She can afford to take the day off. SO much for those laughable civil rights programs she narrates.