Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Proven:KRON 4 stalked me. Violated my right to privacy maybe too.

I'm sure Radnich thought it was funnee to do me hitching up my pants- I might have gained weight since I bought them 5 or 6 years ago- But,when I saw Raddys new "bit" looked so much like me?...and I posted that? I guess KRON 4 lawyers got nervous that an on air personality was admitting they had been stalking a viewer. That's a felony. He stopped.
I guess,I have become the first media critic to actually be stalked at home by local media. The first private citizen to be stalked by KRON's parent company.

So if ch2 or 11 wants to investigate a local newsroom gone bad,go ahead. Who knows what else KRON did?
And don't put anything past knbr and 95.7.  Nixon lives!, to them.

Will the local media investigate KRON?..or racist local media only worried if a Walnut Creek man is stalked by KRON?  This could be big- involving Cumulus and 95.7   Wheres the 409 blog man? ..