Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Punk who would ride his Harley by my house? Gone,since he got ticketed.

Why did he get caught? Because I warned Hayward PD to look out for that guy who - after I punched the lights out of the younger Mexican punk,this older White guy thought he could do the same thing. Like Stanley Roberts has shown,these guys really think they own the streets.
No,I have no idea who these guys are. Never met them. But I can tell you - my reputation precedes me. I have heard that a few times. I think mostly that's uh, good. Maybe not...lol

I did a few weeks ago- I meant to write about it- meet with a group down the street..and yeah,I was ready to deal, IF... . But you know what ? They weren't part of the asshole crowd. They knew I've lived here forever,remembered my old dog everybody loved. He told me "I would never disrespect you" he went on to say he has a family..all that. We even knew the old kindly Korean grandma,Kim who passed away. She loved that dog of mine. Always asked where he was. I miss her too.
Funny thing is- these were young Latinos. Even they didn't like the punk I broke the nose of. Yes,they knew about the fight.  "Those guys get crazy- we just ignore them" he told me. I can ignore too..but not when you come to my front yard and piss me off. You then get what you deserve from me.

After that,a lot of the noise went down....except for the 30 something year old who was just too smart for me to get back. He thought. I swear to god and my parents- I really did go out to my porch and applauded the police giving him a ticket. Sweet.
Haven't seen him since.