Sunday, January 17, 2016

Raddy sweats...I wonder if he needs a bypass?

That was the third time in a year he's done that,and second in only a few weeks maybe. The first time was last year on cable. He just left the show for an hour because of the sweats...then came back. The second time was just 3-4 weeks ago. He said that he was in his sauna too long. This time like the first,he just passed on coming up with any story. The camera did catch Pamela Moore this last time hand signaling Grant Lodis to take over.
 He's either got some serious clogged artery problems,or is terrible at managing his diabetes- wrong foods,no exercise.
A third possibility? He's on serious pain medication for those placards..and when he runs out,it hits him like a ton of bricks.

Hey,I'm old too. We all get things as we get old. We learn symptoms from aging relatives before we get there too boot. You don't have to have a bum heart to see those who do- and the rest.

If  he doesn't have high overhead- he must be leveraged to the hilt to live large. Knowing people - his first kids must really be burned at second wife Alicia's more-more-more. Forget the Hamptons,rest at home and pay the PGE bill Alicia. You will save that way.

ADDED: A bypass. Usually when you see somebody sweating like that a real possibility is they need a bypass..or at least stints. At his age,a bypass is best. Any older then settle for stints.Major surgery for elderly kills more then it cures..