Thursday, January 14, 2016

RADNICH cant do 6:45 sports- ouf of breath. Cardiac? nah. Too late.

He needed Grant to kill time...Raddy sweating like a pig,out of breath. Spa? sweating maybe- but not out of breath. He must wait until the final second to show up..then run! get on air.
If he doesn't drop dead- then a totally unprofessional late dash to do sports. Like he ran up a whole lot of
Raddy needs too,larger sport coats. Its looking tacky that he can only button one button. They just plain look tight. Too tight.

If he drops dead,then "I always thought he was a great..."...nah. I cant pull that off. Hey, we all die. Next!

One last tip from me to Radnich-- Lisinopril!