Saturday, January 23, 2016

Gary Radnich has not once said the name "Britteney". Not once.

He's on his high horse again. He must be kind of nutso to live with I figure. His wife gets that 100% of the time? Oh boy.
Remember my post of why you never see tweet photo's of Raddy and his buddies? He said on KRON something like "you never will,because I only tweet me with people I love".  That's an angle of  " I don't care about nobody but me" And people know that. And Radnich said something like he's looking forward to the grave,so everybody else but family, fuck off.  I am interpreting his meaning.

He and Britteney? It must eat him alive to have a soul sistah doing the weather..and she doesn't want to go down that road with Uncle Gary.

Do you know what else? I haven't heard him do JZ Beyonce lil Wayne,etc..once since Britteney arrived. He turned off the tap.