Tuesday, January 12, 2016

RAdnich imposes his racism on KRON again. Out goes the Asian,in comes..

A sistah!..Pero must be doing the thing of-"I'm giving Radnich somebody he wont bully". Brittney can tell Radnich to go fuck himself and he will NEVER hold it against her. Is she vainer then Diane Tuazon? Radnich will love that "Sistah". Yeah,with him its "Sistah" all the way down the line. NO white blonds,and for gods sake,no Asians on his newscast. How long before he tells her his wife is black? He already sent her texts "And look,my kids are like mexicans- but my wife is black!"
And for Dave? Dont let the doors hit yer ass on the way out...sez Radnich. Except to Dave's face.

I hope Brittney rips Radnich for his misogyny. Too good to be true to see him bullied and cant return it.