Friday, January 22, 2016

Gary Radnich . Mr.El Whino P.O's Kruger

"Oh,the Super Bowl is so hard on me" "Oh,driving is so hard" "Oh,everything is hard but ONE thing I wish was"....

He got pissed in return at Kruger because Kruger is tired of Radnich always spinning his lost zeal for sports as actually MORE zeal for sports. You know,his usual play both sides of any argument.

Raddy says its a bit of contrarian for entertainment...only if you've heard him over the last 33 years,he's not being entertaining complaining about sports bothering him and his new needs to take a nap. "Going to the bank". So what? You are going to you're grave too one day. Take it with you.

So..he means what he says,unless he says it, not meaning it. Ask Dave and Diane and Kate for details.