Monday, January 18, 2016

Radnich on KRON. MLK no honor to him. He takes a shot at Spahr and Tuazon.

Figures. Like his praise of Mark Carpenter? Does that mean Carpenter will now be hosting a sports show instead of know nothing JR Stone? Hell No!

MLK day mean much to KRON's version of Radnich ? Nah. He got in a shot at Dave Spahr and D. Tuazon. I wish she would sue KRONS ass off. But,I guess Radnich sized her up -as i said before- as somebody to maybe complain- then go no further.

Funny to see Lodis- the man who had obscene thoughts about Alicia Radnich on air--- while Lodis's wife
was watching on TV no doubt- today tried to get back in Radnich good graces. Like any cult member would do. I can predict that rat behavior.

btw- The on air shot at Spahr?  What did I tell you?. Once Dave was out of the parking lot....

By the way Brittaney do you now see what you are in for from Radnich?. ALWAYS remind him you are black! That puts an invisible force field around you to protect from him.

I understand she's afraid of the kook. She should be.