Monday, January 4, 2016

Radnich returns to praise himself..and I review his KRON komments of co workers.

It took as soon as he could open his mouth..all messages were "we miss you",his family are saints.not like those criminal 11 year olds you have. Its me,me,me. "Look at what I bought" "Look at where I went" "Mine is better then yours"..
It reminds me of how he can do fantasy...but those around him have to take his dose of reality. Hence:

Stanley Roberts "is a snitch"...says Radnich.
Rob Black "If he really knew anything why would he need to do a show on making money"
"Pamela Moore was never a top tier anchor"
Vicki Liviakis BF is a greedy Democrat real estate what he meant.
Diane Tuazon  is a complainer he said on air.
He had a grudge with Marty Gonzalez. Maybe the only man on earth to do so.
I could go on..Da lin,Dave,etc.

What you don't read is a mean comeback by anybody on Kron. They know he can't take it,he whines to management kronies.  Like I said before,no wonder he thinks he wins kron fights...the other people have hands and feet bound. And smile as he pummels you.