Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Radnich Show and Bruce rip Lowell Cohn.

LOL- Kreuger says Lowell wants respect? Not like he and knbr when they HIRED Ben Fong Torres to write that bullshit about Kreuger- who BEGS for respect?
Bruce? He's a man-boy. "The sports dial is set to woman"...right Mommy?" "If I had a daddy I wouldn't be so dumb- waaaaa ,now I'm gone...". His other famous saying.

Radnich of course will tell Lowell how he LOVES him. Not that he will defend him. Radnich the King of lie to please. And King of playing both sides and thinking nobody notices. Like When the greatest journalist- most famous too- in San Francisco history, wrote of a Sports director of KRON cruising the Tenderloin.
But Caen,like Stan,has him all wrong. Raddy has pure thoughts.