Friday, January 29, 2016

Gary Radnich tells lovely story about his grudge with ex kron anchor Jim Paymar "He was a mouse".

Something about how his love for Pam isn't phony like the pathetic Paymar was for Roz. I smell GRUDGE! Its only been 35 years since anybody said the words Jim Paymar.
I'm sure Pamela loved the whole sentiment. The tie in.

Gary cant be happy about his life to have so many grudges with so many former co workers.So,so many.
Nobody can be happy..and then slam some guy from 35 years ago on tv in front of tens of thousands,like it happened yesterday.. Gary Radnich must have a sad pathetic life.

Dave and Diane and Wendy and Emerald and Pete and Tom and Bloomberg and..on and on and on- over decades. What a sad pathetic man to be angry to so many..