Friday, January 29, 2016

Gary Radnich,his daughter and two of her friends. He says GANGBANG!

Like Stern's,Raddys daughter is learning to hate men.
You all catch Raddy playhouse? Where he FEARS saying my name, FEARS admitting his goons stalk me- even now I bet. Bet for sure.
How does he live with himself when he turns into that verbal swine? He oinks when he talks -right? He's the glutton on the Monty Python Movie..he thinks he's cool and classy as he vomits on everything around him.
He's hated by most of KRON people I would say. He's hated by Diane,and Dave and Kate..that's just this months list.
Family? he doesn't mind making other co workers family's go hungry- takes bread out of their mouths and sleeps just fine. How much money did he cause Diane Tuazon to lose? Big money. Why? She did her job,but our local swine legend in his own mind caused her to leave. He's icing Britt. He cant be relied on to not be an asshole says KRON. They know him.
He's wheezing every day now. His day is coming. Wont the world be better off? MUCH!

Hey,we wont have Raddy taking up handicapped parking anymore to kick around!