Thursday, January 28, 2016

Gary Radnich:Obama talks loud and says nothing. Says crazy KRON 4 Sports Director.

Radnich says nothing all day that's ever right or makes sense. Why he's the joke of the media.Why he stalks me...I tell people what he's up to. I translate his garbage views for you.

His post SB show? It will be all about him. New Years 2010 was all about him..why I couldn't watch anymore any other year since. You will hear more of his old man repeating himself then anything to do with why you watched the game.

btw- Britt was joking about Barbi..Pamela never looked her way,and Grant Radnich the 2 also never really answered her.
Only for the 20th time in a row. It might not be an accident.

Britt- you heard Radnich brag about his LV days- Complexion made the connection right?  See,THAT'S what he wanted you for. When he was told Pero was hiring a black weather woman,THAT was his dream. Mothuh,Caddy,Pimp Walk,JayX and Z. He's knowledgeable about how all you people think,Britt. Why wouldn't you love that?..LOL...