Sunday, January 3, 2016

Raiders Norton Jr. has to go?

The latest in a long line of bad Raider DC. Some,had been handicapped by Al Davis meddling and required man to man..but none left the Raiders and did much for any other team.
Norton is too slow to adapt. He's always a quarter behind the other teams offense. Now,on the edge of a better Raider season in years.its will he get better?
I have to look at the film.

Edit: Game over. Raider D held up pretty good. They created most of the Raider points. I  think of Carr? I think of Bogut. Bogut showed how great the team could be with a great center. Only it turned out that Bogut is only better then average at some things a center does. Like Carr.  Carr better pray the Raiders get a great running back and a blazing WR or TE.

Amare Cooper? Drops inside passes with short arms. Again,Only I say it. Its on the film- watch it.