Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Raiders not moving. Another of my lucky calls. no.15,674 in 2 years.

The Raiders? They've made a shit load of money for 56 years in Oakland. If Mark Davis wants a stadium. Do what Laaaareeee did. Jedidiah did. Joe is God did- doing. Like Davis can't afford it? An NFL team is worth more then most nations.
ALSO- my friends just as I foresaw the vote with common sense the local media does not have? I LAUGH at local "experts" who say the Oakland Coloseum cannot be upgraded to world class. There's a WORLD of  artistic architects who would JUMP at the chance to shell out the Coloseum..and Mc Mansion the Coloseum.
People do it everyday.
Mark Davis grew up getting everything free. He wants a free stadium!.LOL. Spoiled.
If you add up all the wasted Raider money to bad draft picks over the last ten years? THAT'S a new stadium right there.
More later...