Saturday, January 16, 2016

Raj Matai on CHECK PLEASE!. Old dog...hee-hee-hee...

KQED is repeating the old episode where he and Thuy Vu almost got it on there in front of everybody- whew- the hormones were airborne big time. Thuy was ovulating like crazy.

  Even the host Lesley got into it by saying Raj "Still has plenty of stamina".uhuh. Double entendre galore. Thuy dropped in a reference to "hot for teacher" to Raj. I wink-wink, at her getting so gurly turned on.

 Thuy likes "Park Tavern" for eating. Raj picked "Roti Indian Bistro". Off air? He ate at "House of Thuy" no her special guest.

 There is that one shot of Raj (probably)getting a boner as he tells Thuy "We should go together"..he wasn't smiling and you could almost see the had eyes locked on her. I think "Lets get it on" was playing in his head...

Raj had no rings on his I bet he and Thuy did "Lets go together"

KQED? They know their most popular Check Please episode. It never gets old. Show it again next week too!