Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Rod Brooks the only normal African American in bay area media?

At the very least his reasoning is "its a free day off".  Of course, pre union Rod Brooks would never take MLK day off. So,at least he took a step of the easy kind.

African Americans  understand what the day represents. Its not George Washington Carver peanut day. To work on MLK day like lemmings is a disgrace. Take a sick day off.

I guess Alma,Pam,and Keba figure the shooting in SF wasn't a big deal either. He didn't matter enough for a day off either...

 Toss in any others who put their face on the tube that I missed.

Interesting that Lowell and maybe evil Damon Bruce will take off for Passover-rightfully so. Think about that.

KNBR sports hosts..working on a day off. Radnich said so.