Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Scott McGrew drives a Ford Fusion hybrid.

See? Where would auto companies be without patriots? People like Scott who reads Consumer Reports and STILL buys American cars that catch on fire,are not reliable and when that American electric needs repair? It hurts- bad.
Its like those guys in Pleasanton who buy that 50 grand Mercury SUV,when the other guys have Lexus? PATRIOTS!.
Radnich? Nobody in his family ever fought to defend America did they? My brother? Buys American!..purple heart.

Joe Hughs 1994 Bronco? gas hog auto in SF ,where gas is highest price in the world? He better stick to sucking up to Radnich. He ain't too bright. I can it hear it now " I own the car that OJ used to try his escape!" Sure Joe.