Friday, January 29, 2016

Scotty McGrew has a new hip hairdo. kntv in turmoil?

Its combed forward. ok,not earthshaking. But at least with the times. He aint old yet. Almost. Kidding ya Scott.

I wonder why so many media are stubborn to have a bad look..and then try hard to sell that look?. Why wear dresses that look like you rolled up the green carpet around you?  That's for old ladies.  Or old lifeless hair? .Or big frame glasses that you will never look good in and years from now will wonder why did you cover a pretty face with those?. You wont be 24 ever again.

Tight undersized suits. Yeah,you probably work out..but a ill fitting suit is not the way to show it. Or Over sized suits. I notice that as the offenders get raises as the years go by? They get suits that fit-lol.