Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sexiest TV female reporters.

Did I have to actually say female? Well,Mark Tamayo reporting the weather in mini skirt and heels on Halloween could be the exception. Just kidding Mark. Don't get all traumatized.
But- I digress. Non Metrosexual list:
Allie Rasmus aka Allie Cat. Just has that great form..the perfect proportions. She makes you happy.
Cate Cagle: New and rising fast. Right now approaching her prime. I'm sure KRON is a rest stop for the bigs. She reminds me of Linda. Who made guys trip over chairs as she walked by. You can tell how I forgot that from 25 years ago.
Lyanne Melendez...she's turned it on the last couple of years. She got girly,her time on air went up,you paid more attention. At first,she was no nonsense- not her style. The be more style fits her. The hair looks great too.
Tara Moriarty. She's a fun loving hottie. Sings,does news. No telling what else she's great at.
Noelle Walker.  Lift the hood up and mucho inside-o. One of the ones who looks great in a baseball cap. Need I say more?
Alecia Reid screams "healthy". When I both hit the lotto and invent a time machine....

Many others..sort of face here,body there,maybe too much "never see much of them" because they aren't the reporters used much. You get more out of seeing more.  Some,like Maureen Nader have the looks..but she's hardly ever seen. Same for the Filipino hotties.  Diane Tuazon is missed. She's vain? That made her hotter! Sometimes a woman can.
ps,If Kari Hall had been then what she looks now? She's on the various lists. Great assets and I like her hair too.

Also- some do anchoring. This is my all mostly reporter team. My legal terms.

pss.Yeah, I notice Kris Sanchez. She fits a few fantasy's. But,she's going for the mom pta crowd. Makes me feel guilty to check her out..ha...Julie Glass does that too. She might slap your face young man!