Friday, January 1, 2016

Shelley Berman still living!..and successful woman and no kids.

I recorded a load of Twilight zone episodes from SyFi channel. So,in pre reading the episodes the actors are named. So many are gone..some episodes everybody you know in it are now gone. Shelley Berman is still going at 90!..Lois Nettleton died in 2008 at 80.  As the wikie surfing goes on, I noticed Lois had no children. She was a beauty from 1948 until the day she died.
As I have gone over wiki...its the same story. Some of the biggest names had no children. Woman who made a living portraying mothers had no kids of their own. Not even adopting. Woman with fantastic kids at all.
Shelley Berman? always made me laugh. That nervous talking. Sort of a Jack Lemmon mannerism to him. His pretend phone calls were funny. I wonder how he would do a Apple camera watch conversation?
Hey, Berman looked damn good at 90. Looked fitter then he did at 50.