Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sicko Gary Radnich and bizarre KRON newscast.

"Pam, do you wuv me?" the strange Radnich looking for validation for his insecure personality. "Yes" The lead anchor chirped. "Good girl" he told her. And then he giggled.  He told the lead anchor "Good Girl"? and she answered like a lonely,lonely woman??. ALL on a newscast!

That is nutty...that's about as strange a news channel that has ever existed.

I have noticed they seem to have cut his time,told him to stay behind the pedestal..all things he does as ordered. But I know him..he will wander soon, he will slip in his manservant Akens Vaudeville routines the day Britteny takes a day off.

He,is off his rocker.

KRON is such a goddamn cult. I have more...  Grant Lodis blank stares and doing all things Radnich like..with Radnich approvingly "I love you Grant".  Freaky.

Then on top of everything- he stalks me. "His" people are nothing but goons as you might have seen one night as he brought them on air.

Tonight was a strange one..Radnich again wanted to portray himself as loving father...then as he found that he couldn't keep that going went right back to smart ass put downs of people in sports. He cant maintain his own created image for the length of his sportscast!.

He is in a lala land. A con artist with a greedy egotistical personality.

 He ended the 11pm by giving Britt a dirty look!.She had that open eye smile that says "Ok,whatever, crazy old man"...