Monday, January 18, 2016

Stan about KRON. I couldnt be more right.

I said- Dave Spahr rubbed the Cult of KRON and - that was it for him. He made a joke about Santa Gary and the Queen Highness Cult member Cathy Heenan was outraged! She and Grant Lodis were stunned!!. True. All true.

What I predicted what would happen? It  all came true. SO much for what I wrote being hyperbole. It went down exactly as I said.

Diane Tuazon? Does Brittaney know Raddy the asshole never once spoke to her on air by name? Not once. She was Asian- so Raddy never feels being civil is necessary. Does Lexus still sponsor the Asian hater Radnich?

What a strange Cult KRON is . KRONtology. Strange people gathered to do news strangely. Its like live hand jive on TV.