Friday, January 8, 2016

Stan to Rick Welts. You condone Greg Papa?

I know what Papa is doing. What he REALLY wants to do ? He wants to stand up and shake his ass while holding his wrists limp."Cmon boys" And then the Warriors Saint and Monty can laugh and laugh and laugh.
Its such a blatant hate message. He does it on his radio show..and he thinks  Rick Welts president of the Golden State Warriors just laffs?

I don't like Cheech impersonations by racists,
I don't like Stepin Fetchit impersonations by racists.
And you can go down the line all the way on that with me. I don't laugh.

Greg Papa- just what a professional org. needs. Laughs at animals being abused and bloodied, and now thinks he invented the fruit voice. He's a real sweetheart representative.

Hey Rick,does Greg block you in the hall and say  "Look Rick, I'm being faggy!"  Because,on the gamz he just about does that. Be a fly on the wall. Or use yer brain.