Thursday, January 7, 2016

That Crazy North Korea..sets off TNT,calls it a "Hydrogen Bomb"

I'm sitting at home eating Cheeto's. Even I knew they were a bunch of liars. You cant fake that.You can't fake a H-Bomb test and get away with it. You can look like fools claiming something with no proof.  I tell you- they simply packed a deep cave with conventional explosives- such as the ones the blew up in the China shipyard last month or so.
They must be really bored in North Korea and running out of ways to make wild claims we laugh at. Or,do you think North Korea's brilliant scientists really did make that warp drive spaceship?

oh,btw- You can bet google stats will show I now have readers in North Korea. Good,maybe I can learn them.
They got to replace that woman newsreader. She's like a Korean Hee Haa. The Fat chick-remember her?