Monday, January 11, 2016

The Sports media hires imbeciles. Write,talk,speculate..just be smarter then a 5th grader.

And most can't do that.  Andy Baggs tried to do real sports...and all the local teams froze him out..and as Raddy tells it  ITS ANDYS FAULT!  Woodward and Bernstein should have stayed with Nixon henchmen.
Bruce wanted SABEAN fired, Lee Hammer turned off the greatest call in Giants History.Bonds HR. Hammer gets promoted all the
Raddy parks in handicapped zones..But,when he wants to walk around the block at home,he can do it- no problems.
BASG  sells out to local teams, jokes about it,and then wonders if he should just go for his degree in accounting. No wonder.
The whole Mercury sports page is under the thumb of Lou Wollf,the whole Chron-Including the Sports Editor- is under the thumb of Laaaareeeee.
 The honest ones? Lowell,Carl.  That's it. The whole group in total.