Monday, January 18, 2016

To My international audience- I tell you truth. We have a wacky local media.

To be kind and avoid gratuitous cusswords.... I see I get people from all around the world to read. I'm telling you all- the SF bay area media just gets nuttier the more you understand it. Pam Moore is like the wife of Michael Vick- so sweet,but so what ??? A local Sports Director who costs people their jobs,who parks in handicapped zones- He took a shot at Dave Spahrs you notice while never explaining his own parking. A clear shooting the guy when he's down by Radnich. That sweet anchor? She always smiles when Raddy brags of payback. She learned about playing both sides from Radnich. She's evil.

The is all loco local stuff.  At 95,7 a Jewish guy who hates Mexicans!..Hey Damon look in the mirror. People in Eaton don't welcome you. So,stop looking down yer nose at people for being hard working and dedicated fans. "Raiders furevuh esse" he says in a mocking Latino accent. Then in his corn accent bores the audience with Indiana worship!...Insane shit all the time.
We have not one- but THREE trillionaire in Davis,Wolf,and Fisher..who want a poor county to GIVE  them land and money!!...I am telling the world the truth! A Baseball GM (former) Beane who said being champion is never a goal! Aghhhhhh! insane! insane!

I work hard to find media that represents the bay area. I found some guy from Brooklyn! Him and some former Duck from Oregon!...CRAZY!. Do the local media murder home grown??

My Mexicano readers,My Asian country readers,even my Russian readers- who see that local TV makes Putin seem like Mother Teresa- like to read this blog. I'm big in Portugal!. South Korea  and Germany too.
Read on here,just wait and see what else I have to say....