Wednesday, January 13, 2016

To Stanley Roberts who posted on this here blog.

I meant to say 8-9pm,instead of 9pm.. You caught me!

Hey,thanks for reading. I tell people all the time the media check this blog out,because nobody else is going write Billy Beane is like a man tired of being GM and like that. Who else has ideas like that?

Keep on the motorcycle guys asses.  They,and the bike riders. Funny that two wheel transportation turns people into pricks.I think a lot of  "You cant catch me " is involved. Catch them.

 I saw a group go off road,on Niles Canyon the other day. A "California scenic Drive". A hint.

Does raddy show you his placard?Or is all that really with no disability- just gross illegal privilege by KRON?

I have my doubts you will say.