Monday, January 4, 2016

Tomsula gone. What coaches did the media never want fired?

Just about all were hounded to be fired...but not all. Nobody said Madden had to go. Same for Walsh. Gruden left before it could be said . Marriuci was fired by John York- and that's why his wife took the team away from him. She went to bed with a solid coach and woke up to find hubby violated chain of command.
Seiffert...gee,I dont remember why he left the 49ers. Some kind of typical 49er backstabbing .  John Ralston..he and Brodie were a winning combo like Walsh and Montana later.
Monty Clark was good- Eddie D?,once again the 49er backstabbing kicked in. The local media never howled for Monty to be fired..but they sure as hell never spoke up at the injustice.
That backstabbing..must be in Debartolo- York DNA. It keeps coming back over generations.
ALL the rest? Too many names of coaches that came and went..the vast majority were not ever going to win in the NFL.  Whats his name did alright in San Diego I give him that.