Sunday, January 24, 2016

TV car shows: A flexing of who really has the toy money?

I like custom cars. Always have. I watch the new fad of my old fad on TV.  I'm a little disappointed at how divisive these shows are. They really stick to a stereotype they want to portray. All the guys wear black,wear baggy the T shirts to have that German cursive writing. Not to mention the Iron Cross is a required adornment. Country music and American Flags behind the biggest gas hogs they can create.

 If its sophisticated cars?.....its sophisticated status quo looking guys. Dapper dudes who are sure only THEY appreciate REAL engineering. They invented everything. Including the Aztec calendar and the Pyramids. As they tell it.

I don't see any reaching out to the melting pot from these shows. The hiring of who's on the shows is strictly non people of color.

Other then Sue..and she's been harassed to work cheap by Richard Rawlings. I see,btw Rawlings went out and got him a hard party,drinking and smoking wife woman. Good luck. I wonder if  he got one of those premarital contracts?. Good luck to her if she got around it!..or soon will. Take him to the cleaners girl.

And then....
The huge Latin custom car tradition? gets maybe a nod every now and then.

The big Asian car interest and 700hp Honda's? Almost no mention at all.

African Americans? music. Take that hint these shows say.

There is a subliminal element to these shows. Sort of subtle like the Swastika carved into Manson's forehead.

No wonder WWII Vets hated the Hells Angels. There they were dying or maimed by the Nazi's for America's freedom and then they come home and their spoiled kids are riding motorcycles with that shit all over it.

Discovery Channel I will bet all I have-- is a rightist leaning company. They seem to think rape of the environment is worth a dollar and a rating point.