Monday, January 18, 2016

VERY 1996-97 El Nino. Damp,soggy,wishing for a stretch of sun and dry.

In that historic El Nino, my part of the eastbay got 38" of rain. More then Seattle that year. I seriously doubt we will challenge that this year,but we have two more good months of longer days rainy weather.

I pray thanks to the lord nothing leaks. Last time- it proved to me I needed a new roof. Two. The garage needed one also. Both now done. One of the worst things in life is a leaky roof. No wonder people who rent hate that more then just about any other problem. If you cant afford a roof as homeowner?..then you know how helpless that feels.

My advice too? Stay off your dirt. Walking on it when its this soaking wet will make it into modeling clay. Same for the lawn.

Hey! we got through the coooold of late December. Nice to not need the heater cranking all day.