Saturday, January 30, 2016

When you stalk me,GARY RADNICH- all gloves are off.

And I see your going to rub it in on kron or 412media?   Anything you say,any person who defends you, I will give answers too.
Its gone on too long that Asshole has put people out of work,then gone on Tv and whined he needs to eat. Yeah? Look at him. He looks like he ate more then an African country this year.

That son of a bitch has been on air too long,and kron? fuck them...they cater to an asshole,they all have his shit smeared on them .

Darya and Pamela and Manservant,Grant-me a living -please- all laughed at his jokes when he harassed co workers. How evil is that?

How wrong that he grunts every night in Britteneys direction at 11:35?

And me worry because I say to the world he and kron stalked me? lol. I don't see any lawsuit..I don't hear any denials do you? Somebody is worried- it sure aint me.

I wont be making things up. If your on kron and have a dog (Doggie Diner) face- you will read it. If you are on kron and want to be submissive..I will write it up. I never need to sink to illegal,unlike kron and Media General,fascist company USA.