Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Where ,where, is utopia?

Where the sports media aren't the three monkeys?, The weather is always warm- not hot,warm. Where its quiet without having to be a monoculture Danville. No crime. Nope,everybody feels its not right.
You can walk at midnight.

No hunting..all the animals are free,and safe. Bridges all through Niles Canyon for cars not just trains. Hey!..look at the deer below drinking water. I see a bunny rabbit.

Utopia..how much and how close are we?

  If I was Singaporioan...but wealthy. Its clean there.

Same for the Saudi Emirates...but you need to be wealthy. Both hard on crime,unless you are connected. Then hell,yer kid can drive the Lambo right over preschoolers.

Somehow,when we get to colonize Mars,lets try Utopia with humans. It might turn out, A.I.  is the only way to get to Utopia.

Those smart A.I.'s wont be digging us up to join in and share, I promise you.