Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Why would KRON let Radnich work for KNBR to the point he skips the Finals?

Finals,World Series, Super Bowls. Why would a news director and parent company allow him do that? Because he would be too tired too do his job for KNBR?  Well,so what? Who's paying him?.....

I got it. Radnich has the same kind of deal Bob Fitzpatrick has. Raddy's Kron work must be under the table subsidized by KNBR. Why else would KRON give a damn about KNBR?

Yeah,they colluded and who knows what else is involved? The Giants?

Remember- Stan was the guy who wrote- and you read what I wrote on 410 first last year,then here- that the local beat writers are nothing more then advertising supplements for the teams they cover- not REAL paper reporters.

Then,Deadspin a year later busted the Chronicle,its beat writers and even the Sports Editor.

Who else,pre Deadspin,called them out in the local media?

Radnich, hardest working con artist in the local media. And he's a bully like the rest isn't enough. Right Kate? Diane? Dibley?....Dave?