Saturday, January 16, 2016

You tell 'em Guru.

So,I walk into the kitchen to get something,and I had the radio still on to 95.7   I hear one guy stammer,afraid to say something a listener wrote. It was about Greg Papa. "Just read it. Are you afraid of Papa who isn't even HERE?"

Hey- Papa just regurgitates. The man pushed the Giants propaganda that Tim Lincecum gained back all his weight that he lost from some drug and head issues as "Being to eating Wimpy Burgers". He pushed that like he meant it.

btw- The three tres amigos need to loosen the bolts on fat ass Bruce's chair. Bruce should be grateful that's all they do to him. Fucker. He has a definite hate for Mexicans.

Its what I said years ago-- sports radio needs to dump the dinosaurs. Funny,none of the new breed are dropping about "brain dead Caribbean players" "chinamen" or even "Mexican Raiders". Hey,they don't invite a Tony to drop "Illegal immigrant pitcher" into the conversation...
I'm thinking of that Wickerman movie about now...