Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Zachariah and Guru- a million times better then Bruce and 95.7's others.

I loved it. Dan Dibley came in with the very same schtick that pleases Radnich,Papa,Kozomor,Bruce. And the new breed duo slapped that bitchschtick down!.
THOSE TWO are the bay area. They are the young bay area.

THEY,and Iggy Cohn...that's the kind of journalism bay area sports needs. I haven't heard them fall back on racist drops or bumpers or bits.

I had high hopes for Dibs years ago. But he went down to the level- even lower of the Wheat field Boys for country breakfast sports. Whateva they called themselves. Dibs,went toothless. Never called out anybody on an interview. It was like- why is Dibs even there? The other two guys rub his head for luck? I didn't get his silence.