Monday, February 29, 2016

Link to the In Crowd. You know you want to see what moves me. So let me groove you.

I just noticed that blogger can link. Never noticed that.
Here's one of the coolest songs of all time.

Sonny Charles and the Checkmates-" Black Pearl ". Dedicated to Lee Hammer and the Academy Awards.

I don't know how Rod Brooks can walk by that guy without telling him he's a fucking racist.
I know I wouldn't be able to.

The greatest Black play by play announcer in bay area history.

As soon as the teams hire one - he will be it.

 Yeah,the media is so liberal. wow- what a urban/myth/ lie that's been huh?

Another warm day by the bay. 70's.

Its really nice and almost freaky warm. We are getting more and more mild..pushing subtropical Mediterranean climate. If there is such a thing
I never thought- but I did wish- we would have mild and warm winters  when I was young. Summers here are nice enough..I don't like those heatwaves in the 90's.  80 in the day,60 at night in summer is good enough for me. Maybe 85f is my cutoff point..and one reason I wont move into the central valley. 100's are like laser beams as soon as you step out of the house- agree?
Give me my Hetch Hechy water,my mild summers...and if we are going to keep having San Diego winters,only with rains and snowpack added?- PERFECT!

Gasia asks TV audience "TO MARRY ME!"...

Its what I heard as the show ended. I missed the whole context thing. THAT usually matters in explaining the why's-lol.
Usually woman get that way after seeing a wedding..or my guess in this case- rich wealthy men at the Oscars?
So- there you go. Gasia is waiting to be swept off her feet,treated like everything you ever wanted.
Get going.

Warriors third best center ever? Clifford Ray.

KNBR embarrasses itself when it couldn't answer who was the teams best center after the Big Dipper and Nate the Great.
Cliff could block,play defense,rebound and was a great TEAM player.

Where would the local media be without me? They need me,they deserve me.

Well,blame Comcast- again.

Friday,I was going through the Comcast menu. It said Monday the Radnich show would be simulcast. I kept going...EVERY day at 9:00am,Radnich.
Today? Back to normal.
So,hard to take any blame when Comcast itself says "He's baaaaaack".

Only he's not.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lee Hammer hires yet another caucasian at KNBR. Our own Academy..

Some generic face and name- Kevin Jones- was hired by KNBR. Lee Hammer- bigot extreme- has again kept perfect the "whites only" hired by him record he has.
Its just amazing no media here have taken that jackass on. Where's  Rolling Stone Dude?  Ann? Tim? Monte?
I would like to see a people of color boycott of KNBR. Instead of the cowardly head in sands that the Monte's and the Nates and Shootys who perpetuate KNBR's  Hammers racism.

Gary Radnich? the con artist actually do something for somebody not himself? LOLOLOL. He was raised to be greedy and self centered. He once answered a question about the hiring practices in sports radio "So its all white? that's just the way it is".. !!! HE SAID THAT.

Hammer? He needs to get a pilots license.  The only way to break up the logjam...

Just like at Comcast,KRON and here...guess who's in charge?

btw- Giants announcers? Warriors radio? 49ers radio?...yep you guessed it. KNBR- Academy Awards every year,every day, in the bay area.

Liz Cook. Beautiful,pleasant,and with a real professional voice.

I don't get the other media blogs odd hatred of Liz Cook.  She is in the bay area tradition of Terry Lowery,Soledad O' Brian, Cecelia Vega.

I'm not even sure why KPIX moves her around. She was hired to be no.1...then they got cold feet because 5 didn't rocket to the top of the charts?

As an observer...I give her an A rating, 4 stars,Q as high as Q goes.

Oscars are ugly rich guys with beautiful woman who look like their daughters.

What Joe Fonzi said about the Super here too.
What's funny too? Those old codgers are wearing expensive cool shades- and out juts big noses,double chins..and yet they reek the "I'm somebody" attitude. LOL.

It was funny also, to listen to Olivia Wilde talk about a documentary to empower woman..and she was standing there nearly topless. You saw all orbs of breasts...just her nipples had strips of dress cover.
Girlworld is sure different from the real world..ha.

How fast would Billy Beane or Don Nelson have destroyed this Warrior team?

Headlines with Beane: "Beane trades Curry for prospects. Says until he has a new Warrior Stadium he cant keep Curry"  Or, and also, "Beane says Curry has to trade now".

Don Nelson headlines?: "Nelson trades headcase Draymond Green,says Curry needs to pass more,keeps Bogut benched in the doghouse". Nelson wants a small ball half court game. "We need to take our time,shoot from close range" says Nelson.

He also wants to take Bob Meyers job and be coach/GM. Is also in a feud with Joe Lacob JR.
Also- his bar tab is in five figures...

Whew- be glad we don't live in those alternative Universes. Those poor Warrior fans of other dimensions-lol.

Steph has passed Willie,Reggie,Barry (Rick)..only Joe stands in his way.

As greatest bay area athlete ever. Willie and Reggie could carry a team...but not every day all season. Rick- hell,even he admits Steph has passed him. I never thought the Warriors would ever have somebody in the Rick Barry pantheon ever again. Steph is a higher level.

Joe and his many World Champ seasons?. Just give Curry time.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Joe Lacob to hire "The Expendables" to bodyguard Steph Curry.

Like he's a living Fort Knox,invaluable.

The Einstein and Newton of Basketball (ze arc at 43 degree's reches zee target half court avay) combined. Even then Newton could get the apple to fall,but not through a hoop from 40'.

Man,he's got to be the prodigy of prodigy's. The Mozart of  dribble and shoot.

Bronze statue? They are going to build a frigg'in Pyramid for him outside Warrior Stadium one day.

The most interesting man in the world- wishes he was Steph Curry.

Nasa is working on preserving Curry's DNA for prosperity. Use it to seed other planets too.

Its good to be Steph Curry.

Science says Los Angeles like Cabo and Bay Area like Los Angeles in 2099. Only its NOW..

That was a science story about two or three years ago. Los Angeles winters would be like tropical Cabo or Miami and the Bay Area like Los Angeles is now.

Only now the future is NOW.  Los Angeles and the whole southland has averaged 80f for FEBRUARY.  That's 12f warmer then their average.  The bay area has averaged about 68f. That would be a typical San Diego February.  All this in 2016,not 3000.

Global Warming is accelerating my friends. We better build those desalination plants- like yesterday.


I love this team.

The schedule beat the Warriors more then OKC.

Like I wrote on how to beat the Warriors...step on Curry,take Bogut out of the game,and be last on a long long road trip for the Warriors. OKC did it all.

OKC will not see that in the playoff's.

Kloie Kardasian and Radnich. Two pee's into a pod.

Did you see that Tweet she put out? I saw it on the Internet. She said after she posted a photo of her stomach "Y'all be hate'in"...I don't remember the rest. When did she become African American? Southern? Midwestern roots?
See,she like Radnich wants to enjoy all the benefits of African American culture...Sports,Singing,Dancing style and favorite cars.

But neither has to put up with the discrimination,the last hired- first fired,among the whole range- of blatant to subtle twists and turns.

As a matter of fact both enjoy the fact they can leave the A.A. culture any time they want and be embraced by the status quo. Dark skin cannot.  When you hear Radnich sound like a farmer talking to his old white friends on the radio..then shift into, "My man" with the Shootys and Bips?  I can hear it everytime.
He would deny he does that..I've heard him get on Patrick Connor for shucking and jiving. Yet,Radnich does it himself -all the time.

Kloe "Ya'll be hate'in".  Like you don't deserve it?

Richard Rawlings killed a few more innocent people today.

There is a solid link between his show and the rash of fatal crashes. Its like no brainers.  He has killed more young people then American Sniper ever did.
A Charger racing a Challenger killed three in Anaheim next to the happiest place on Earth. Rawling's has made a fortune on and loud.
I'm telling you..he's not a car guy, he's a public enemy. oh,and hand in hand with Discovery Channel.

Ted Griggs Comcast: Everybody in charge is Caucasian. Plus now more...

Same as the backstory. Same old shit.

Do you think if the brothers were in charge at Comcast or KRON,they would want an anti Obama, anti Jesse Jackson,anti Al Sharpton, on the air spouting for hours?  Anti union too.

Its just the lowest example of what those in charge want- because I DON'T BELIEVE FOR A SECOND, Gary Radnich draws ratings.

He's on KRON...KRON's ratings are terrible.

He's on KNBR..and despite the Giants,49ers,Warriors and 50,000 watts..his ratings are virtually the same as 95.7 's two unknowns on 5 watts and mono signal that travels to the end of the block.

He's the darling of those who exploit fans and people in general and carries their message.  Radnich- part of the club- gets hired and retained because he represents THEM.

I said it before,the color green is the second most important color in business. I learned that long ago.

Britteny Shipp- hottest thing in town. Stats dont lie. I think.

I like to let people know whats popular..mostly its just my interest in somebody...then I see the hits go off the charts.
Britt,has gotten a HUGE surge in interest on my blog. 

Now,Diane Tuazon had been no.1 since the start of December...only a year old post on Dan Ashley's hair had been no.1 or close before then. Diane's leaving post,had legs with a high number of looks.

Britteny and Radnich shot off the scale.

Its a scary thought to think she will fall for the phony's act. Buy into Bent-lee's and hip hop.

He will go down as the media embarrassment  of all time. That's his legacy.

Gary Radnich show returning to idiot Ted Griggs right wing Comcast Sports.

Ted Griggs is another who needs to pilot his own aircraft on a foggy day.  He and Larry Baer have turned local sports news into the Moose Lodge and Hunting sports media and bar mitzvah (Spanish for send- goes) corporation. They send junk.

Some of the biggest sports news in the bay area? Ignored by the right wing blackout. Imagine protecting a goon like Bill Romonowski?.

Griggs- lets hope you keel over in yer Wheaties the next breakfast. It would improve society.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Curry not getting benefit of foul calls.

The crew on the Miami-GS game were horrid. Curry was chopped pushed,and when they did call,took away his basket with free throw.
I don't seen any national orators telling the truth. Curry is never given half the fouls that should be called...let alone the phantom calls Lebron(I never was fouled out of a game) James gets.

I cant remember when Curry was treated like Lebron and Kobe down to a mere Tony Parker.

I watched no. 15 for the Miami game just ignore blatant Curry getting hacked calls. He was calling nothing.
The NBA better get its act together. The best player in the world is on Golden State/Oakland/The City.  Get used to it.

Frank Somersville spends time helping children,and they are not even his own.

Whoo- what a terrible guy says the other blog.

How the hell do you bash a guy for helping kids? Somebody's off in the head and it ain't Frank.

When Greg Papa talks sports? Sounds like a guy who knows something.

That whole caboose on the loose segment had just twisted the guy. Better they now cut that short near the end of the show since I can tell never makes me laugh.
Better he sticks to sports. At least he doesn't embarrass his family when he does.

Why Doesn't Radnich just break down the wall altogether?

Just use his sports segment to go all gonzo. He hates Obama...then tell Pamela "I just hate the guy,glad to see him go"
Same for people in sports,sports media,media. "Yeah,I want to see Dibs at the unemployment line--with Kate Scott behind him!
Britt?  "If I drop my my wife- I will treat you baby to your dreams". Sure,flirt on live TV. In ten years,you wont be able to in a wheelchair.

He's pushing 70. Say it now or forever hold yer peace. Or rest in peace.

Gary Radnich admits he made everybody "uncomfortable"

The whole thing last night was weird. Radnich admitted Pamela was "miffed". I told you.
Oh- and Radnich's defense? It (being crude) "Keeps everybody employed".  Play it both ways. He forgives himself,and proud of it!

Kruger agreed- then changed the subject as fast as he could. He did his penance for Gary.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Yeah,the rumors went to Gary Radnich head. He's trying to hint its true.

Sure,that's Radnich. Play it both ways..his wife is all he wants on Friday,and then like tonight he says when you go with him,you go first class. Raddy said he has love- then pointed at Pamela? or Britteny?

 Pamela and Grant just stared. Britteny knew what he meant. She raised her eyes. I guess the Radnich  marriage isn't what he says if he's flirting live on kron4.

I still say,he's sized her up as not causing him trouble and he's running with what rumor that makes him seem like he only needs half a bottle of Viagra to get going.

Melanie Woodrow,Teresa Estacio and of course Lynne Melendez...almost seperated at birth.

Teresa? She's changed her look over the years..conservative...then plenty of I see conservative again.
Melanie and Lynne are much harder to tell apart for non media critics-wink.  But,the resemblance is strong.
I caught a Melanie report and the brunette nicely coiffed hair and look reminded me of Lynne.

No wonder I was late to discover Chip. Way too many commercials.

Its not a myth!..he has a very commercial heavy show. Too bad,it really ruins tuning in on the road.

Britteney Shipp wears slit dress flashing thigh.

With that electronic stuff also on her lower leg she did the Agent OOSexy on kron.
If she would just wear SOMETHING with a neckline that dips.
Oop. That dress does dip. What were my eyes looking at?

Now,if she would retire the ones that go right to the neck. She's better with casual sexy clothes- like today.
I hate that business woman gray suit.

Gary Radnich and Shipp? LOLOLOLOL..etc.

THAT is one of Rich's make something up and see if it gets hits.

She can find plenty of single Sugar Daddy's in Frisco- IF she even wants one. My opinion is Britt has no trouble meeting men her own age and with a few dollars in their pockets. I credit her with self respect.

Stan gives you the truth on " What Matters".

There's two types of people protesting. Relatives and those who have the same subculture and lifestyle.
And those who don't live in the those places where punks are shot by police.

I myself have flipped on Mario Woods. He had stabbed somebody and would not drop a knife.
Same as the 17 year old in Chicago. He had been caught breaking into cars..and flashed a knife to police.
Hayward police showed Mark Estrada respect. Pulled him drama. The officer walked up to the truck hands down. Mark Estrada? I read where neighbors said over the last couple of years he had made friends with a  group that gathered on his parents porch and talked loud . Already spoiled,Estrada showed the world who he is. Now he will be fed in a cage for 50 years.

I live with punks like that around me. What matters is that I don't have to put up with a war zone filled with young punks living a fantasy that there are no consequences to what they do. They also buy into intimidation is what gets you what you want-- if outright theft doesn't.

When these low life's hang around liquor stores open dealing and hand signaling?..I hope its a signal to police to crack some heads.

Let me tell you..police and gentrification are not bad things. Protect the longtime residents,but not at the expense of making everybody else see nothing improved. 97 year old's tossed out is just blatant and evil greed. That's not gentrification.

Let me tell you,when you hear the low life's speak? Its a dangerous fantasy world they live in when they add guns...or knifes. Police are reality. These punks think that those movies are real. That Ice Cubes and Ice Tea's and Ice Coffee...are telling them the truth. Sure,that's why when the rappers make it and are wealthy they live in expensive homes in the Tri Valley. And have poodles.
That's the real truth.

More on "The In Crowd"

Had to listen to it on youtube with Dobie Gray looking super cool on Shindig.

I'm in with in crowd..

"....any time of year don't ya hear?
Dress'in fine,mak'in time.

We breeze up and down the stree--eet,we get respect from the people we meeeeet...

THEY make way day oooor night, they know the in crowd is outta sight.. a spot where it's really hot,IF its square? we ain't there...

We make every minute count -yeah!
 Our share is always the biggest amount,

Other guys imitate us,
The original is still the greeeeatest...

Anytime of year, don't ya hear?
Spend'in cash, talk'in trash....

We got our own way of talk'in,our own way of walk'in..      (KRON learned that about me)

Girl,I'll show you a really good time,leave all you're troubles behind...

Cause,I'm in with the IN CROWD..

Gary Radnich never mentions Tony Bruno anymore. Ever.

Politics makes strange bedfellows.

The idea came to me when he said "I love Larry".

He said he loved Tony.
He loved Dibs,
He loved Kate Scott.
He..ya get the idea.

Those ingrates! Don't know REAL love.

Esmid Pedraza. Some fast justice.

He's the VERY kind of punk I see all the time. The killer of the Hayward woman. I cant find the words to tell you how much I hate them.

Police need to attach ropes to Esmid's left arm and leg to one car and right arm and leg to another. Then both go to work.

Stupid,proud of being stupid,admirer of gangs and guns.

Do we need him?

New York Post written by idiots. Rips Yelp employee.

She wrote that after getting hired by Yelp in San Francisco- she barely made enough to live. Yelp fired her,the NY Post- the dumbest sumbitches around,tore into her and just piled on that she 's spoiled (80% of her income went to rent) that she should sell her car,get roommates,and a second job!

How about Yelp pay the college grad a decent wage? $12 an hour in San Francisco?  The NY Post never mentions the cost of living here. They said if she was desperate why take that job?..I say taking that job shows how desperate a college grad is to try and survive in San Francisco on that penny's a day adjusted for expenses income.

NY,should never write about the bay area. Unless its how great our weather is.

Solar industry employs more Americans than the Oil and gas industry.

If you add Wind,its even makes it more lopsided.

See,this answers all those who cling to the past and "what about jobs?".

Its like putting all the wagon makers out of business to make cars  in 1901. Only,Solar has no dirty hands.

Progress saves the world...and yet we have one political party that screams "Lets go back to the past!".

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

1965's most popular rock songs in the bay area. By memory.

That was a huge year- some say THE greatest year in R&R history.  Why I remember that year as a child,I cant say...everything sounded good..and of course the songs of 1964 that bled over into 65 were nearly as great.
I have older to much older siblings,and the radio and old phonograph was always going Mostly rock,but an older sister had the whole Oakland thing going- with Mo Town and Smoky.
So what do I remember? "You've lost that Lovin Feel'in" ALL day,all the time. My bros loved that song.
"I can't Help Myself" the Four Tops..KYA in heavy rotation. The sax. You never forget the sax. I don't.

"Downtown"..oh man. All the radio station in the bay area played that- especially at Christmas time. A hint to get out and shop? That's what I remember,rains and Downtown.

"Satisfaction"..even to a little kid you got the idea it was naughty. But you sang along.
"Woolly Bully".  My brother had that record. Pumping that organ. DO you know it was THE most played song of 1965? True.
Now the Beatles? Sure I want to Hold You Hand was the big hit. But in the bay area I remember hearing "Michelle" played way more. Much more. That and "We Can Work It Out" . Irony. Almost teenage themselves the Beatles wrote about life is very short and no time for fussin and fightin. Now,half are dead. One for 35 years.

"Do Wa Diddy"- man I loved that song!.it hit me just right. It made me look forward to being a teen.

"My Girl" sister played that..and locally KYA couldn't get enough of that song. BIG in the bay area.

Those I remember as bay area faves. There were plenty more, "In Crowd" I loved that one too. I think the talk'in trash thing stuck with me.

You drive a Dodge Durango? They saw you coming.

One of the punks or friends was in his GF car- rare that they are even with woman- she driving.
When you drive one of the worst cars ever built? And you think you are big stuff?  Enjoy your beer and amounting to nothing now,or ever.

Turned out,Chip Franklin was right about Tom Brady.

After he was scorched on various suck up to the Brady's Blogs,a few months ago. Franklin was right about the cell phone and everything else.
When you saw Brady just blow by Joe Montana at the Super Bowl not offering to shake his hand?..that Brady would cheat seems obvious. Anything to be Joe.

Joe Rose says Sid Racist Rosenberg is an idiot.

But Gary loves him. I didn't hear Gary tell Joe that "Sid is what every sports host should be".
It doesn't matter how racist Sid is..Gary thinks he's good and Obama bad.
A man with black children promoting a racists career.
Radnich under it all....

Gianna Franco?.

I wake up too early and put on KPIX. What do I see? A beautiful woman with luxurious hair and bosoms. Gianna Franco. What?
Isn't she the one I saw a few months ago in PTA mom baggy shirt with double pockets,hair with waaaay too much conditioner?  The one I said had a face for radio- and agreeing with Damon Bruce annoyingly enough 100% of the time? Was that HER?
Man,she had a makeover worth a million bucks.
And- on radio she does the "ahmawgawd" soucal girly voice. On KPIX she talked like a woman about the traffic...

I must have caught her before on a really really terrible day.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I told you. Michele Greico dresses too conservative. Cost Frank his job.

If she had put some pepper into the early morning- being the balance to Franks vanilla,that might have worked.
Instead,she showed up for work in her PTA clothes. I was going to say bank teller..but they dress sexy many a time. Especially Wells Fargo's. Must be sort of put on woman there to attract males.
BUT I digress.
She's got the face..if surrounded by swirls of scarfs and heavy clothing.
Cost Frank his job.

Eh,THAT wasn't what Gary Radnich wanted Mike to say....KRON.

Radnich just couldn't find the words to say how much he hated an NFL player for setting up his wife AND his mistress to fight in a hallway of some hotel.  Surveillance tape caught it..he was like a Dog or Chicken fighter..pushed them together to get going with the punches.
So,Radnich talks to the off camera man and asks the guy what he thought of all this low life behavior. "I would date the winner!"..LOL. Just what Radnich had said he hated- the backwards thinking about woman, and the camera man with a chuckle practically says winner,winner, chicken dinner!
I'm telling you..I was watching KPIX is it I catch KRON in all this craziness but not 2,5,7,11? Or not much.
I try too. I want to see Jessica Aguirre tell Raj "When we get off the air in 70 seconds,I'm kicking your ass!"..never happens.
I heard it at KRON. Same feeling. KRON,always good for a media critic and observer.

Who at KRON could get a job at another TV station?

I already mentioned Will Tran and Kate Cagle.
Brittney Shipp is ready to sail.
Stanley Roberts..his PBB would be snapped up by other local stations. He wouldn't have to leave the bay area.
Anny Hong. Pleasant.
Grant Lotis. He's sort of whats hot in the new look. The Jimmy Fallon generation.
Robin Winston is  a beauty. But,she's very dark and I can't think of many African American woman  dark skinned who have it as easy as the mocha's. Same old story.

After that? gets dicey. The elders would probably retire before they took a BIG cut in pay and move out of the bay area. Unless its Southern Cal. Cathy,Raddy,Pammy. Cathy might move in with Raddy's mom instead.

The other reporters? I think most would not find much demand. Maybe South Carolina where they like a seasoned big city TV reporter who will work dirt cheap.
Yep,the James and the Brian's and the Jeb's are sort of generic journeymen types. I can see them going back to advertising or get lucky and be a spokesperson for Waste Management. Pays good.

And Raddy? HE'S SURE he could take another bay area station by storm. He doesn't know that his baggage is only tolerated at KRON.  Like with his shot at hosting Yahoo sports proved,his "Its all about me " don't play well with his colleagues.

Heck,KPIX should have just hired Will Tran.

None of the breaking in that Henry Choi will have to go through. YOU KNOW too,Henry will have to pretend he likes the cool SF summers that drive many warm climate people out of the bay area. Will,he gets it.
KRON's  Tran and Cagle are about the only reporters who have a chance at big things.  Will as a morning host would have been a start. Personable is what you want- right?

Monday, February 22, 2016

Why doesn't wear Curry shoes that light up with every step?

My nephew has those..kinda cool. Seems state of the art. Yeah,that's what Curry should have. Electric sneakers.
I bet the NBA doesn't even have a rule against it.
Oh- how about LED's like you see on Audi's?.on the toe end of the shoe. I should be in the shoe design business.

Now,Pablo is imitating me...

He better lose some weight...there is no way he's going to have a great season with that gut bouncing around.

This isn't a case of the Giants thinking "I told you so " as much as it is Pablo realizes what he had now that its gone. In SF cute girls and kids wore Panda hats. In Boston then spit on him. Burn Panda hats in effigy. Lots of "F" ih-gee.

Pablo's agent fed the fire of "They disrespected you" and should have stuck to what was really better for the Panda man in the long run.

The Giants might get him back one day. I hope sooner better then later.

I drive by the home where the woman was murdered once a week.

Its on the way to church. Silva. Right across the street from that home you see plenty of police action,cars parked because of apartments where I guess the owner does no background checks..
I'm telling you again. Look to the left and its paradise here- the rolling hills of the greenbelt- look to the right and its where they send every parolee in Alameda County. See,they don't want to overload Hayward is gifted.
That's when crime here soared.

KNTV does study of PTSD from living in violent neighborhoods.

I don't doubt that- at all.  Its like the old movie Straw Dogs when a decent man's patience is worn down to zero. When it gets to daily,and all you can do is fight back..I mean polite talk,written requests? punks,some violent punks can't even read let alone understand.
Look at San Francisco..murder right across from a police station. I'm getting more pro law enforcement by the day. They made a mistake?..I can live with it.

Just as long it isn't me they made the mistake with.

Gary Radnich says "Chip Franklin called me his bitch". Is there no end to Franklins genius?

If it wasn't for Lund and Papa laughing of animals being tortured and other moron laffs,I would never have discovered Franklin.
Now,hearing this,I wonder where this guy has been? How long has he been at KGO?

He's the kind of guy that would have saved Liberal radio..or at least left of center radio.

Dr.Phil sure seems to like hot chicks with problems in high chairs.

A preponderance of his female guests are attractive. Ok,good for ratings. But his wanting them to sit in chairs so high their feet can't reach the ground? That's a fetish-lol. It has to be a Dr. Phil fetish to want female feet dangling.
He must order producers to keep those chairs high. He wants a 180 view of woman feet!

SF Gate Sports in cahoots with KNBR and the Warriors.

Could they be more obvious about selling out?  They reprinted a KNBR interview with Kerr. Edited so nobody looks bad,and not signed by any SF Gate writer. "Anonymous".
You would think after the Rusty Simmons gate (Rusty gate?)_,the Gate would run from doing blatant PR from the Warriors.
That SF Gate sports editor is as crooked as uh,something really,really,crooked.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Three Amigo's would be a good morning show,or replace Bruce.

There's a lot of energy emanating from that show.

You know,I used to give Jason Barret almost the same grief I give the deserving of it, Lee Hammer.

But Barret before he left..followed my advice,he broke up the WASPish strangle hold on sports radio. That "P" could also be "C"  or "J".  Put on yer thinking caps as to what it adds up to.

So Barret went to Latino and African Americans,he had Tim Kawakami hosting shows for awhile. It worked- I always said it would be the only way to take down the warm milk of KNBR. Christ,even 1050 Hammer has kept pure. Including weekend shows about Golf,Auto Racing,Horses.

And why I never listen to KNBR on the weekends. Hammer has cleansed it of any color or interest.

I don't know much about Barret. A Republican? probably. But he was like the conservative Supreme Court Justice who broke from the others to voted for integration. I give Barret that.

One last thing about the Amigos...I bet they go to games? Lets see if they mention it tomorrow. I'm sure they would not pass on Super Bowl credentials like 95.7's Bruce did.

JR Stone does KRON news NOT DRUNK..

I thought it would help to repair his reputation to mention this.  No need to thank me JR,happy to do it.

Dropping the newspapers....first time in my adult life.

As much as Comcast xfinity TV box is crap? Their new modem is fantastic. I get instant connection.
Nothing freezes, almost no delay. 41mbs.

So,I will read online now.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

I like the Chip Franklin Show.

Funny that some of my higher educated friends disagree that I'm a liberal- they say I'm libertarian.
Well,I think do what you want- just don't tread on me. And the media treads on me. But,I digress.

I've been cutting away from the goofballs on 95.7 and listening to Franklin. Sometimes,I listen and I'm not sure where he took me awhile to figure out what he is. Or,close enough.

He's got a good time spot. Real world vs 95.7 alternate sports universe views. KCBS tells me all in 3 minutes.

One thing is..he sounds,talks, just like Michael Finney. Coincidence.

At the beginning,I thought "Ah,another Jerry Springer"..but no,it came into focus for me.

I might listen even more.

We need a Dont Be Stupid Law. For all cultures.

Mostly to crack the heads of the under 30 punks by Police. I support that.

If there is one thing the stupid are proud of? Its how stupid they are. Its a badge of honor to them. Because,being stupid is easy. So they do the Republican and FOX new spin even in the,say,barrio.

That's right. Repubs said Kerry was a coward and Bush brave- remember that most famous example of Karl Rove political spin yet devised?...Well,the punks do the same thing. Stupid is good. Stupider and with no respect is better then being honest or a good person.  It gets loudest laughs.

Its the exact same thing. Mike Savage spins that Scalia's death was a plot...punks spin you are bad for getting in the way of their fun- breaking the law. Both blatant pandering to the stupid.
We need more laws. The stupid are all over the place.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Tony Philips,Hendu and Jimmy Davenport.

Its one thing for a Jim Davenport to pass away. A name from so long ago,it feels natural.  But when you outlive names who were rookies at 18 when you were 19?..that's weird. When they die of old men heart attacks?..I never feel any worse then my crappy low back and maybe a a blood sugar thing. No big deal,even young people can get feel that way.

So,the 70's are really fading away huh? 3 out of 4 Bee Gee's are dead. Including Andy.  Donna Summer,gone. Bowie gone. Frey of the Eagles,gone.

You know I was just reading today a science article about the possibility you do get reborn,and in different circumstances. All because they think black holes exist in 5 dimensions or more. I guess,what they mean are being born someplace in some universe all the time. I wonder why they never include other living things? Like they don't matter as much? I bet they do.

When the thought that you might not wake up increases too might drop just driving or walking up the sinks in.
Now,what sinks in, I am still pondering.

Whoo- Warriors stink out the joint.

Hey,when you read the press clippings...
Bogut,never showed up. He got out of the way!..He Camnewtoned! As predicted.
Klay..ran in slow motion.

Portland played like the world was at stake. Happens when you play what you read is one of the greatest teams ever put together. Portland was high on Adrenalin and endorphin's. After this,they probably lose to Tijuana Tech.

John Lund on Yahoo. Again,and again,and again..guess who Jimmy loves?

I mean the country clubbing between Kozimor and Lund..back slapping pals.  Trump men-- right guys? You don't even have to say it. I know.
I thought the producer of that show was a woman who banned Damon Bruce?.what is she, an idiot? Hows these old conservatives like Lund and Thompkins and Bruno  any better then Bruce?
I give Bruce one credit for when he's on Yahoo. The filter is set to "PG". The others I mention are like in the Victorian days.

Man,I wonder if Toby Gerhart ever has it sink in ..he was one Barry Thompkins grudge from the highest honor a collegiate football player can have?
And we see how that grudge sure hurt Harbaugh.  Barry taught him.

Alicia Radnich has a new hairstyle. Looks good too.

Oh,boy, the power of blogging. Now,I'm not the kind of guy who come out and tell a woman-..well,like I did.
But,KRON collected some info on me- it had to be video- scary huh? It wasn't part of any news report. It truly was stalking as defined by the law.
So,..I gave it to them. Nobody looks perfect and if my walk made KRON laugh...hey,as crazy Bill Romonowski would say, Guess what?..wink.

Oh,her hair looked good. Yeah,it did make her look younger by ten years.
It was like when Pamela Moore would wear those grandma sweaters,and you saw her tiny shoulders grandma like. No more,mostly. She looks more ...modern now.

Gary Radnich has never been to Fentons. Only Devil Worshipers have never been to Fentons.

What a sheltered life he must lead. I know he is so intent to push the look of the corporate star and -as the caller said- Above the masses- he comes across as stunted instead.
This is the guy who didn't know what STD's are. Dibs a couple of years ago had to explain that on air to Raddy.
Did he ever eat at Doggy Diners? Quick Ways? CASPERS?!

How can you grow up in the bay area and not eat like real people?

Sheltered, man. SO into his world he still wears Nehru jackets...

Worshiping the devil may be an exaggeration-lol.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pete Leibengood a Stan Tweet follower.

The former KRON sports host has signed on as a tweet friend. Look,its just not Pete to follow. Unofficially I know many do. I also know that I haven't reached out to the local media types much. The ones that hate me- well of course they would never sign up. The others that might agree with me?..but that peer pressure to not admit it. I get what's what.
Funny,but I get the feeling Fast Eddie Alexander from the grave is telling me "You keep reminding them Radnich stole my off the wall act!"

Fremont Police go easy on wealthy ranch owner about Valentine the poor horse. FAVORTISM BIAS.

See? They would throw a minority in jail for chicken fighting...but a large ranch owner in Fremont who gave no excuse for the neglect of the foal?..not even cited. They would not even give the bum's name to the media.
Fremont Police?..are like that. Very profiling. In this case its a POSITIVE profiling that lets connected money take no responsibility. Goddamn them.

KRON celebrates black history month with a whole lot of black crime.

In KRON's first 10 minutes, 3 African Americans in two separate crimes and one white guy who ran over and killed a man. I mean,I watch KRON..and they ain't shy about showing the suspects. I'm for that...but,its heavy on the black side..Mexicans next and a few White and Asians mixed in.

Gary Radnich rebuffed by Britteny Shipp. She keeps her distance.

He tried what he tried on Vanessa Balzac (to get V.B. to twerk) with Britteny. Brought up her brother..slick huh?...then he talked weather. She sort of bit. I thought here we go...she's going to be the next Van servant, and hop to the Cult leaders ideas. She's sticking to whats good for her career and mental health. The word on Radnich is all over this country. KRON must get plenty of turn downs to the point they agree female's are allowed to never interact with him. Hows that for desperation to get talent?
KRON is a Cult.
Must be a scary place for the new arrivals.

KRON spells Democratic wrong. Its not that hard.

Yeah, I know,I should talk. But, Democratic is an easy word to spell. Nothing tricky. KRON gave it the Democraculits spelling.
I know Pamela Moore spotted it. Good thing it was on the banner below and not the teleprompter. No,she wouldn't have garbled it..just break her stride I figure.
Or,maybe not an accident?

Biggest,most Pompous egotistical and narssistic personality's in the bay area TV media. Guess who's no.1?

Mostly TV. I don't listen to KSFO or I'm sure those Nazi's would dominate this list.

1.Gary Radnich. Never met a fantasy of how great he is he's didn't just love. ALL he surveys are less then himself. He enjoys putting co workers out of jobs,it satisfies his inner hate. Like a shoplifter who has the money...just the power thrill of stick it to them is what Radnich enjoys.
2. Dan Noyes. Wow,nobody in local media history has taken themselves more seriously than Dan. He's Aviator glasses and martini and bars investigation with an icy demeanor.
3. Damon Bruce. If he's not saying he's got it all understood,he's asking the rhetorical "Do I have stupid on my forehead?" and the answer is -yes and too often.  The car he drives (see no.1) he brags about? Its so he can zoom past 98% of the culture of the bay area and find a hidy hole of Indiana thinkers.

4. Laura Anthony. And I like Laura...but, she is so no nonsense that KGO would NEVER ask her to cover the baby horse with a broken leg. She would shoot it and say "Problem solved". Don't waste Laura's time. OOPS.  I was wrong!..she just yesterday did the sad story of the petco dog. Leave it to Laura to be one the very few to prove me wrong! I told you I liked her. Nice to see she is a softy deep down.

5.Greg Papa. Greg is convinced he's one of the Apostles..of sports. Another who lets it be known what cars he drives. Do I really need to tell you he's convinced he knows everything? Its gotten to where he claims he gave Al Davis advice. Sure,like he would step up and do that with Mr. Raider.
Look close at "The Last Supper" Greg has the microphone at the end of the table and is calling the change of blood to wine as Jesus is better than Jordon!!. He's not exactly sensitive.

6. Raj Mathai.   Raj studied looking at the camera under Brian Williams. Them two sure love to be seen in a nice suit and cuff links. He's not a bad dude,but he loves himself a hell of a lot.

Beautiful Anchor Woman? So?.that's life-lol. I like vain. Let them stroke their hair, wear highest shoes,what do I care? Even if I do know long term in the bay area is being-portraying-humble and with loving nods. The best were great at that.

7. Jim  Kozimor slips in.  He's subtle supersized ego. One trait of those kind? When you one up them in a talk,debate?...they change the subject. Cut their losses without admitting they were wrong. Its how Jim is still claiming the Cespedes trade was brilliant. You can never prove to him he was wrong ,because he stops you cold and says "The rapping sports dude is next after the break"....

8. Ah,plenty more are on the line and progressing. Dan Ashley, JR Stoned. Mike Nicco,Rick Tittle and his look a like Tom Vacar. Tom does the Lords work..but man,he's like jaded x jaded squared. John Lund? nah- he's on the ego and insecure list.
Guess who's no.1 on that list too?

Oh,yah. I should add Bob Fitzgerald.  Knowing how he thinks? He WANTS to be on this list.

KSJO...dead in the water. What used to be.

I was never a hard core metal or heavy metal. A little. Plus I got a kick out of the KSJO bumper stickers being everywhere. On street stop signs even.
Cumulus destroyed them. Now its some crap country music station. Every song is the same.

Now- metal's heyday long passed...but you check out Vevo or Havoc,or Sirius and the hard rock channels are still there full of bands I never heard of.
So,how's is it there are no  radio stations with the format? And I ask that not as a future listener- those days are gone- but as a "If I wanted to make money with a radio station" financial wizard wannabe.
Seems like the market is there.

Radnich happy Pacman dropped like a hot potato.

I wonder- why does he hate Asian's so much? He had that hate emanating from him as he talked of the Filipino fighter's fall from grace.
Radnich? doesnt give a damn about lbgt. Ask Kate Scott.

When I was a kid in Oakland it was a treat to go to Chinatown. The Characters on signs,the bustle,and of course the food. Love fried and battered prawns as a kid.

I wonder if  the Radnich family ever took little raddy to any ethnic hood? cooked any Asian foods?

He has that "I never met a Asian I ever liked" 'tude. Funny thing is..I get the feeling Latino's are never on his radar. He cant hate what he never notices.

Asians? You see the whole body language come over him. It says "I don't like them".

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

More on Apple...

Ok,I see what they want is not Apple to de-crypt the stored files,but to turn off the auto erase after 10 guesses of the password.
You know- that seems safe,because the USA may still need super computer power to come up with the terrorists password. What average person has that? And what idiot would put national security on a device?
I don't get how all these big company's like AOL,Google,Yahoo, ISP corporations,even companies that are supposed to be expensive firewalls....collect information all the time. I see Windows 10 is now a big suspect telling Microsoft what they should not know. Yet,they scream bloody murder when the gov. does what they do,but not even as intrusive!

I think Apple isn't doing this on moral grounds,its because it exposes all this computer stuff as inherently  unsafe. Bad for sales.

World Wide Web- get it?

Since the media is stumped, Stan says how to beat the Warriors.

This is the ultimate scenario for a Stan coached team to beat the Great Golden State.

1. Play Curry hard defensively..he gets flustered. He will try to dish off passes. A. Make that pure work. B. That's less of him shooting. Nothing but good happens to teams who have that quick dogged guard- doesn't have to be tall- stick to Curry like super glue. His light frame causes him to tire by the middle of the third. Curry I notice hates guys who get right in his face,who guards him closer then his mama was when he was in the womb. THAT close.
I would call it the "Tim Lincecum effect"  Not enough fat to burn all game long.
2.Foul Bogut,go at Bogut.  Andrew makes the Warriors a 4 against five team. He's no threat to score,no threat to hit free throws.  He has a tendency to not show up,or to get flustered when pushed and yanked on-so to speak- It takes away his concentration to the point other teams more then once just grabbed the ball out of his hands. Simple.
3. Harrison Barnes is showing that he's not a scorer from distance. Let him take the long shots that aren't from the corner THOSE he can hit. Many NBA players can from there.
4.Kerr,If you can get on a roll? He's slow to get it. He wont call a timeout...Walton was like that too.
So get the guy with the hot hand the ball- often- if you are the other team.
5.Klay Thompson has improved on driving the lane this year I give him that,but still NBA eyes should light up at seeing him dribble into the lane. One steal,and streaky Klay could get cold.

So,that is the basic frame work. If the other team is willing to see a guard or two foul out in holding Curry to 10 points,that's a win baby.
Just try to outscore the Warriors? Is a sure loss.  Defense beats them..or 3 games in 4 nights. Then you got schedule lucky.

NBA All Star game was Sunday..and the Warriors don't play again unitl FRIDAY??

What the hell is that? Its almost as long as the Super Bowl break. When did the Warriors play last? Friday,Saturday?.  And they complain the season is too long? No wonder.

Meredith Vieira could use a bit of cosmetic surgery.

When she swore she would never have that done? She didn't need any. Now,at 60,that neck looks like it could use some help fighting gravity.
Getting rid of the turkey neck is one of the better,safer plastic surgeries. Improves a look.

412 RLmedia photo of Heather Holmes.

Its obvious. She was convicted of being too hot for public consumption. Those are her ankle bracelets.
I imagine her parole officer is happiest man in the world  "Uh,Heather I think I will drop in around midnight and uh,inspect"....

Apple and privacy.

So,their encryption CAN BE UNDONE?.  I thought it was secure from a million computers working a million years?  I notice that Apple has avoided saying,admitting, that yes they can do it,its not a truly safe encryption.
Figures. Why would Apple come up with something so secure they even THEY can't spy on you?

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Is it better to suffer the slings and arrows? plus..

Ungrateful kids,serpents tooths, and all that. What choice do we have? - none.  The alternative Hamlet is worse...and that happens too.
There's yer reward.
Best you can do is think decades from now they will realize....

KRON stalking Stan. The worst kept secret in the local media.

When a TV station commits a felony against a sometimes critic,while trying to get the dirt on me? THAT gets out.
Radnich couldnt have made it more obvious what KRON had been up to. KRON and most likely KNBR via Cumulus..well,I'm sure Radnich who is P.R. obsessed wanted to get back at me.

Only- If i get anybody who can give me details...well,I know how to hire a lawyer.

Also,Its not a case of dish it out and cant take it here. I dont drive by Raddys house and film him walking around his own home. But Im sure KRON did that. THATS stalking.

You all remember the glut of S.R. Hayward behaving badly stories right? uhuh.  Those seem to have ended since I caught them. Now they are in San Bruno or where ever the wind blows.
Yeah- I was stalked. Dirty rotten bastards,the day may come....

KRON make a public apology?  Sure,its the right thing to do.

How funny,Radnich complaining about being caught in his "mistakes"

The man of untold and uncountable grudges with present and past co workers, complaining about social media blogger types.
The hilarious part? "If this was 25 years ago I would NEVER even think of catching people in their mistakes"..LOL.HIM? he lives to put down others!..hell,he would be 100x worse then me. He's the guy who goes on KRON and says "Obama talks,but does nothing"..LOL..idiot Radnich and his co idiot brain soaked Kruger.  Two dummies fluffing each other.
Somebody tell them they are on radio. Tell them people can hear them. Because,they seem to think that behind the studio door they are in a fantasy world.

What a Life. La vida I dont get it.

I got KRON stalking me...and you do notice raddy stopped the Stan walk,and he's never said I'm making that up. I also have punks try a battle of wills with me...and all its gotten them is me unburdening on them and a few tickets from HPD. Come to think of it,same for KRON on the unburdening. Otherwise,foreheads are not on my mind...

Yet,I'm a man of many interests,a few skills. Enlightened and not burdened with prejudices to other cultures. Are you being nice to me? Good enough!..what do I care what you wear or what foods you eat?
Enough on burdens,unburdens,  Eric Burdons...

Monday, February 15, 2016

Yet another run in with another neighborhood punk. Hayward Police Department learns I'm right...

So this guy thinks its funny to gun the engine early Sunday morning. Ok,I'm already getting steamed. Then,he makes the big mistake. He does it around noon. I decided we needed to talk. He's a runt. About 5'4" 120 pounds- maybe. He's driving a big black Mustang all the windows black,and with a super loud exhaust that he wants to share with me. Like in the way you would poke a bear with a stick, share.
So I walk over and say to the kid who by this time has closed a fence that goes across the little driveway of his parents.."Oh,you have the fastest car in the world. What are you ten years old?"..I'm on the sidewalk.

Like when you stir up a bunch of bugs?...they came out in full family.  Even the padre. Words went back and forth,I asked the father if he's deaf? Because all the rest of the street hears his punk kid annoy all of us not just driving by...noooo. He has to gun it,gun it some more like its a cheap chainsaw at the corner red light. He also ignores the 25mph sign. He likes 60.
Do you know,the kid said nothing to me...and disappeared into the yard head down,his little 16 year old brother or so, starts calling me nigger. Nigger this,nigger that,making threats. I can tell you I never felt so unafraid of being swung at. If he had done that,it would have been one huge,huge mistake on his part. Lets see,even at my being at 3X+ his would have been no contest.

So the father calls the police. Fine I tell him. Well,I know Hayward PD wasn't going to make this kind of call in a few I tell him,"You know where I live- right there"..about 60 feet away.

About an hour later an officer knocks on my door. "How are you " he asks" Uh,not so good I tell him. So- I tell him just what I told you. He says" Don't try to handle it on your own-call us". I told him,I've done that- MANY times over the last 2-3 years.  I also told the story's I've written here..the punk in the beater red Mustang,Biker boy who's nose I broke-after he swung at me,and some of the others "These punks think they own these streets" I said,now getting a bit riled up.
And THEN,guess what?  As he and I are conversing on my porch...right down the corner one of the punks lets it rip with tires burning engine screaming.  "THATS EVERY DAY! I told the officer who looked down the street like a war had broken out.
And do you know he said "Let me talk to those people"..and that was the end.

Those punks couldn't have picked a better time to prove me right. TWO Hayward PD...getting a in- your- face, from punk scum.

One other thing. Not being African American,I let go- twice- being called nigger over and over. I swear to you all- NEVER AGAIN.  The next punk to say that to me? I WILL call the police,and I WILL push that its a hate crime in all this. That's a vow.

Mikey the Weirner Savage,-LOL says "redrum!" about Scalia!..what a flamer.

LOL, Yeah,Scalia picked up a hooker who paid by the Obama Muslim and Kenyan Society,drugged then smothered the horny 79 year old. LOL!!
 Consider the source. Savage will poison your children to make a dollar.

Goddamn Wiener,when do we get to read his Obit?

KTVU noon news back to half hour.

For the last was an hour. Was that just for Super Bowl days?  I guess so.

P-Con. Somebody old who's like new..

He cracks me up..lays it out there,and anything political I almost never agree with. But,he's a likable guy- what can I tell you? He's not some dummy who runs the streets. Sports wise- why he is on the air- I find myself thinking."He's right, so and so is a jerk".
I also think- wear them overalls at those Giant big shot meetings. Remind them who is the real fan base..and who is the fan base when the team ISN'T winning. A paying fan base.

Dumb and Dumber car used as hearse for Scalia.

What an obstructionist,backwards thinking man. Never forget he CHOSE to interpret the Constitution the same way the Nazi's interpret the bible.
When you die as a Supreme Court justice and the President of the United States is glad to see you go,and nobody I see who isn't a well known backwards rightest says a good thing about you? I say good riddance.
Save the Dumb and Dumber hearse for Thomas. Keep it on reserve.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The unpretentous anchor media. I name them many as I can think of today...

Who are the local anchors that have no rarefied airs? Never brag about cars or star F-ing?  Let me try to give you who at the very least come off that way.

 Kris Sanchez of KNTV She seems not to have an egotistical bone in her attractive body. I would feel safe around her. No backstabber qualities I have ever seen.

Scottie McGrew KNTV...again,doesn't show baggage,is very genial to strange wild opinions about life . Never pulls top dog on Kris Sanchez. Just professional.

Mark Tamayo KTVU. He does his job well,never adds what does not need added. Another far under the radar. Seems like he has a kind soul.

Larry Beil. KGO He gets ripped by others for off the air....but I have no idea if any of that is true. On the air,he's a regular guy. He's a self deprecating guy...but doesn't over do that. Never heard him even hint he's gods gift either...with a better than average sense of humor I might toss in.

Jessica Aguirre. KNTV She I notice is very even headed..never drawn in to agree with something she doesn't agree with. Raj,gets sometimes like raddy to moore...but unlike Moore, Jessica keeps her ground with just a smile or nod.

So this is my little group of those who do the news without making me angry at those doing the news reading. Calm news I would call it mostly.

btw,There isn't a sports anchor who doesn't have just reeking egotists.

The COWARDLY local sports media.

Very few have guts. Lowell Cohn has guts. Did you know until Lowell wrote about John Fisher and his art collection about 5 years ago,I had forgotten that John Fisher's name,let alone he was the true owner of the A's?
Think about that..endless Sue Slusser and Alex whats his name,endless columnists like Monte and Bruce and Ann and Tim...never once had mentioned John Fisher as of a few years ago. Same for talk Radio. Hey,I took what Lowell had implanted and ran with it..posted John Fisher everyplace including Wiki.
Now? Its common to read about the recluse John Fisher mentioned in local media. Yet,to this day,I have yet to hear of any writer say he wants to interview Fisher..or write that Fisher refuses to speak,to give his nutty side of his ownership goals.
KRON would rather track me down...then John Fisher.  COWARDS!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Raider re-signup. What did I tell you?

I'm the only guy writing about sports who noticed their was no stadium built or available for the Raiders to go too.  Its scary how lemming like the local media can be. They ALL announced the Raiders were gone.
Gone where?  The Bahamas on vacation? Maybe they need a tax shelter? But they weren't going anyplace to play football.No damn way.
I was listening a bit to Tittle Talk on the game. I was Tittalized at how much he sounded like me. Only,I said it first and weeks ago.

Mark Davis wants sympathy because he doesn't have a 1.5 BILLION dollar stadium for free?  How about give me sympathy as Lingua (cows tongue) is now a very expensive cut of meat because the gringos now love it too! Aghhh!!!  And yet,unlike Mark I don't ask it to be free.

What kind of frigging fantasy world do the Davis family live in?

What is the problem with the Supreme Court? They are all lawyers!

No men and woman of science. No artists. Its just people who learned how to write legal documents you agree to before you download Adobe. What do they know about ecology? Could be nothing at all. Nothing.
So,there is no balance to their knowledge. Make it legal to hunt and kill rare animals? Sure why not? just as long as the "endangered" tag is not put on them.
The Supreme Court to me has a higher calling. Let the lower courts argue the mundane.

I have heard the conservatives on the court say that's not what their job is. Yet they seem to always vote conservative beliefs down the line-just like its their favorite jib.

One dumb Scalia down,one dumb Clarence Thomas to go.

"I always interpreted the constitution the way the men who wrote it 250 years ago intended,not the way people now want it to be"  That's from the dummy who rose to the top of the Supreme Court.

Scalia should have been exactly the way they intended 300 years ago and when they thought the Milky Way Galaxy was THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.  That and slavery rap music  to the Beatles. No freedom for woman,no interracial marriages.

Scalia in other words lived a legal fantasy of a world he was never part of. You also can't get any more elitist to defend the thinking of 250 years ago.

Republicans are America's ball and chain . Liberals might fantasize about a better tomorrow..but repubs can't even predict the past!..its a fantasy world when America was perfect..for them only or maybe the 1%.

These Judges who try to push that the Constitution is infallible,that's its the word of God?...are dangerous.

I dream what the sleeping Tiger dreams...

Well,sometimes I like to think I do. Everyday surrounded by the jungle,challenges met with only me to solve.
Sometimes ya get help,but as you get older,its pretty much do it your own way.

I bet the sleeping Tiger dreams of finding food -fresh- that he can have without a fight,no slashes and teeth to get a meal. Just eat in peace. Then fall asleep and dream. That's right. He dreams that he's dreaming that life is good and fair.

I do that.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Guys in Mom's basement- unite!

Once again I heard the "guys in moms basement" complaint from the media. It sort of struck me- they are being heard,getting through to the media..being activists ..some go overboard,some hit nerves..but the media hears them.
Its not Nielson ratings that the media has to sort through, or judge if "Q' ratings are accurate. All they have to now is read the internet and its outlets.
Who else better to let the media know whats happening then people who are listening and watching?

I prefer my little man cave myself.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Global Warming hitting the bay area big time. I remember..

February in the 60's and 70's were never like the February of the 2000's.  To me? It seems like GW is actually speeding up faster- much faster- then predicted. I wonder what those old monarch tree's felt when it was near 80f the other day? The month that could have easily been cold and soaking wet..was putting out like Cabo.
Yeah- I myself have planted things in my yard from tropical climates and they are doing well. I have a few Papaya plants,Mango shrubs- they have fruit in summer. This is in the bay area,the SAN FRANCISCO bay area.
And you know? In summer I get sunburns. I never sunburned before unless it was from being in a swimming pool all day. Now,I get burns just driving with the sunroof open (So,close it stoopid!) just around town.
All I read says that we here are in one of the faster warming spots in America.  I agree.

Bill Romonowski is why affirmative action was created.

He can be as verbally assaultive- and wrong- as he wants... yet the local media bows down to him. No rebuking.
Its the Larry Kreuger syndrome. If the media goes after them one by one...big business will protect them and put the critics on the shit list. No more guests on shows to further their own careers,no extra at Christmas for the family.
Thats how our crooked businessman have done it for years now on local sports radio. Cumulus,Ted Griggs, Lee Hammer,Comcast,Yahoo,SF  Gate.  Nothing about favorite media club members faux pahsee's that they then try to sweep under the rug- asap.

Gubers ghetto speak? Remember that? Yahoo never mentioned it.

Romo is right there with Tony Bruno- pal for every good old boy in town.  Illegal? Boy Negro?

Hey, we forgive ourselves!  All the time too!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Gary Radnich hints Santa Clara Mayor took payoff for Super Bowl.

Yeah,I know. Nobody takes Radnich serious or that would be some kind of "please sue me" statement by a media person.
Unless,he's right.

Tom Tolbert rated 6th best afternoon local sports show. Bruce? 13th.

Well,Tom in the 5th largest market has the 6th best show. So,room to grow Tom.
He seems like a decent guy for an ex jock. That whole "chinamen" thing blew over..and I think he said he was sorry.

Damon Bruce the 13th best afternoon sports host in the whole country? Seems highly over esteemed. Unless afternoon sports in out great country is that dull.

The top of Kenny Stabler's head was sawed off,his brain pulled out,then cut into thin sections. All leftovers tossed into disposal.

Why I have a hard time understanding the way we treat the dead.

When they pulled his brain out..did his eyes fall into the skull?

On top of embalming where they pulverized his chest organs.

Man,and Kenny thought those knee surgery's were rough?...

Damon Bruce wails on Mark Morford. I wonder why?

I caught some of Bruce yesterday just floored by Morford's little piece on the Super Bowl.
So's,I read it.
I didn't see anything that would- despite Bruce insistence- that would get anybody fired. Nada. Pretty much what you hear from people who have no interest in football in SF. A waste of money.

I don't know about that..those tourists came to spend big bucks,none were camping in was all Hotels,not hostels, baby.

Usually I would agree with Morford about the police state statement of their presence everywhere. Only,this year is different. Probably the next several years will be different until so much time goes by- its now the same.

It might be nice to have the Olympics too. Beings a sports lover,it seems like a good idea. No athletes getting heat stroke here.

Bruce said that Morford declined to be interviewed.  I wonder what he wrote that would make anybody want to interview him?

Mike savage Wiener farts. Lieberman says it was greatest ever! He links it!

Sure,it's a juvenile joke..but I made me laugh.
Savage,his idol. Crazy.

Damon Bruce never mentioned the ASS Bill Romonowski.

Why is the local media afraid of a psychotic former player and now huckster of dangerous supplements? Because HE'S- ONE- OF- THEM.
Romo poisons their children, black or white.

He's yet another Ted Griggs invention.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Nazi Bill Romonowski protected by local media.

Isn't that something? The man is being toasted from coast to coast...but KNBR,Yahoo sports and BASG,THEGAMEZ 95.7 and local news stay silent.
Even when the ass was given a second chance? He threw more fuel on the fire. He's Romo.

Why do I despise the local sports media?...they are all bigots and racists and COWARDS.  Stalkers too.

Will Lund and Papa or Bruce mention Romoron?

I can't hear every minute of every sports show. We will see.

KNBR and Gary Radnich has not mentioned Romonowski. Neither has BASG.

KNBR? Nothing.  Sheesh. Romo works for the competition too. Only in the bay area the incestuous sports media are a collective. Right?  BASG says on his blog,he doesn't like to do any reports about Yahoo since he's their guest. Honesty about being dishonest in the media.

I don't expect Jim Kozimor to bring it up.  THIS situation is why Griggs hired him. Pro company propaganda comes natural to guys like Jim.

That Hemingway- what a cheat! sez Larry Kruger.

He defended the sports talk tendency to say stupid things because its all off the cuff. Where as writing of course, gives ya time.
So,by Larry's admission..I get it right and that's not fair?

Of course,on the other hand,he's also protected from any on air rebukes..those callers are screened out or if they manage to get through are censored by the delay button. THEN,Larry and Gary get to rip the guy who said something we didn't hear,and thus the hosts feel good about themselves as they won. Every time.
So,off the cuff for them is no worry. And nobody can look back and say they were dead wrong. Its not in black and white forever. Its-almost- all forgotten.

Vern Glenn- one man band.

I caught him and "V" on Nightbeat.  On the 'beat or on Kpix,Vern has totally embraced the new commentary type news reading. He's on and revving as soon as the camera points his way. Compared to previous versions of Vern,this one could use Ritalin.
Is it a better or worse Vern? I cant say. I've seen him forever and if he wants to knock himself out like a sports "CRANK the movie" be my guest.

  I just want to know if we won.

To Bill Martin and other local yokel weatherpips.

Did you know it was 78f in Hayward and Fremont? I say that because Bill seems to think the eastbay is Oakland....and then blank- lands until San Jose.
I notice too that other weather people seem to skip over half a million eastbay people not in Oakland or San Jose.
Isn't is strange that Oakland and San Jose set warm records yesterday....but even higher temps in between- 81f in Castro Valley? Not even an honorable mention.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Racist ROMO tweet? No mention by Gary Radnich,BASG,SF Gate,Yahoo sports

Well,I guess its a good thing you have me.  He made it obvious it was a racist term. Bay Area Dinosaur media protecting a bigot. NOT HERE!

 Romo don't worry me. Romo can't fight - he just sucker punches. His pretty boy pointy delicate nose couldn't take a punch.
oop,Did I call him boy?

Uh-Oh,Romo. Calls Newton "Boy"..then says he meant "Negro" !

Remember this is the guy who thought Joe Paterno had no blame in the Jerry Sandusky rapes.

Like  Sid Racist Rosenberg...they aren't sorry for what they say. Only sorry if it costs them a dollar. That's how criminals think too.

Not his fault. Blame Camfluenzza.

That's it. He was never raised to be criticized . He's been praised for so long,he had no idea of what people do when they lose biggest games. He had always won them,and all around told him "You will always win Cam!" Parents,teachers,hot chicks.
That's why he ran over reporters feelings. He had no other way to handle them.

Radnich shouldnt mess with the cult elders...

I thought this was funny.   Radnich last night said "You know who I feel sorry for? Cathy Heenan. She's been sitting in that van since 9am".  The van by the stadium,not the river.

Well,KRONs producer then did a wide shot. Viki and Pamela are sitting there,and as soon as they heard that ? It was like "don't bullshit us" Viki never lifted her head working and typing,but said "Oh,she has not. She's been out meeting a few celebrities"..Pamela just laid back in her chair and laughed at raddys pity while she shook her head.

Do not try to put one on woman who are just as media savvy as you. Especially when you try to make what they are doing as all fun,while Cathy was in the real salt mines.

Heenan looked good too.

KRON puts leash on JR Stone. Boy does he need it.

I see that after advertising all week it was going to be he and Gary Radnich doing Super Bowl Sunday Night Sports...they had some former Raider- who was funny- instead of JR Stoned. I mean Stone.
When you insult the Pinay who is ruling Miss Universe in an area that has the largest Filipino population outside of the might get a demerit from the boss,a good talking to,and a sit down.

I wonder if JR has a problem with alcohol? He was near out of his mind "buzzed"

Annie Hong confirms she is with baby.

I got that one right.  My other post on her is one of the highest viewed posts of late.

Diane Tuazon has left KRON, has shot to the top of that list.

Kate Cagle tells power of beauty story.

She again,reminded me of Linda.  When Kate said she saw a usher with a SB pin and asked if she could have one? He quickly handed it to her.
I used to see that with Linda. She would smile..and people would be happy to make her happy. Like Kate,the eyes would look at you and the "I must obey'" reaction came over every guy.

Oh well...when all this happened with me and her?, Counting Crows "Mr. Jones" was the happening song. Funny to be reminded of things forgotten.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

I salute all the media who had fun with the Stooper Bowl.

They got it right.  Like a second Christmas.

Paul Deano does Debby Downer..

Man,we are having great weather,and all he could do was lower his voice and chant "No rain next week" over and over. Why? We have had seasonal amounts of rainfall. If we get torrential rains..then Paul is fretting over sandbags and mudslides "More then saturated ground can handle!' he will scream.
I would make a great weather guy. I would say enjoy a Sunday with 77f temperatures. Maybe I'm different....

KRON was the one with the good idea. Who would have guessed that?

Doing the news post Super Bowl..Why not KPIX? They haven't done a thing.... Comcast? Poker..Poker!

Let me remind that it wasn't the usual non bay area team Super Bowl.those,I don't care about shows of.

THIS IS IN THE BAY AREA...once in 30 years.

JR Stone spoke clearly.

Kate Cagle married!

Oh well...
Hey! Grant was a little flirty with her. Introduced her as the lovely Kate Cagle.  Kathy Heenan laughed like what am i, chopped liver?.

"Oh,where did you get that pin" (Over her right boob) Grant asked her, as he almost touched it.

Maybe she is married..or...made that up to keep the guys off her?

Radnich takes a dig at Brittney.

On krons Super Sunday he introduced himself to the traffic woman...and of course he's never said a word to KRONs full time Weather woman. Who was standing there the whole time.
Imagine being so vindictive he started the show with that.
Something wrong with that guy huh?

More later as I watch....

Manning goes out with an Alex Smith effort.

He didn't do much but not turn the ball over.
I hate the Broncos. I curse the ground they walk on. Unless it has landmines- then I would praise it.

Cam Newton, QUITTER.

The stuper bowl reveals character? Newtons all game long body language and too lazy and spoiled to dive for his own fumble,says...QUITTER.

Tom Brady booed-- then he blows off Joe Montana.

I noticed Brady never shook hands or even nodded Joe's way.  What a prick. He will never be the best.

Lady GAGA does blue eyed soul National Anthem.

What other nation in the World has that?

Comcast has no pre or post Super Bowl programming. Cheap and dumb.

Its the Super Bowl in the SF Bay Area. You would think that would have Comcast and its reporters out talking to fans,celebrities,Super Bowl game stuff.

Instead,the programming is Golf and Tuna fishing.

What goes through the head of Ted Griggs?  Tony Bruno on Yahoo Sports the other day?...yet Iggy Cohn who has something to say hasn't been on the show in over a year.

Griggs had 30 years to plan for today. Still,he fucked it up.

Tom Flores and Jim Plunkett NOT elected to the HOF. A disgrace of bigotry never ending

They won TWO Super Bowls. Flores as coach,Jim as QB of the Oakland Raiders.

What more could Plunkett do? Heisman,ROY in the NFL. MVP.   Not even nominated.

Tom Flores the ONLY coach to have won two Super Bowls not in the HOF.

Mark Davis? Hasn't done a goddamn thing. NO promoting the two Raider greats cause. Amy Trask shoots her mouth off about everything Raider...but says nothing about getting Raider greats the respect and rewards they earned.

Me? Fuck the Damon Bruce type hicks of the world and their opinions. THAT'S the mentality that holds people down.

Keep JR Stone away from the woman. Damn,he's crude.

I've been looking for new reports from the guy. Didn't see any yesterday.  His bull in a china shop act is fun to be media critic on. Drunk and mean is not what you ever see with,say, Laura Anthony.

I can see after a few drinks JR looks around the bar and says: " I'm 6' 5" and can whip any man in the house!" "C'MON!!" He spits as he says it too.

He just see's woman as sex objects. One of  THOSE types....

Maybe Claudine just forgot her spanx. Oops!

I'm SO embarrassed that she fooled me.  See,a couple of weeks ago she and Rosemary are sitting side by side behind the KTVU monolith desk. Rosemary's dress is flat. Claudine's had...a tummy.
Oh well- no foul.

I'm digging Super Bowl hoopla.

This week has been fun..except for the bronchitis.   Its better that the Raiders or 49ers are not in the game. The all over the country fans make better interviews.

Denver never would have made it if Brady had his "special" footballs.

If Belichick bad decision to pass on two FG wasn't enough, I bet Tom having to use my old "Voit" style football was the final nail in the coffin.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Concussion hypocrites.

It seems like football is the most violent sport ever invented- right there with the Roman's man slaves vs lions,or even more one sided man vs elephant.
Only,all the shock and revelation and disgust for the NFL? Including a local predicting the end of the NFL in 30 years or the like? Is hypocrisy of the highest order.

I don't see any outpouring of sympathy for boxers who are concussed every round- multiple times.  Heck its even a joke "Punch Drunk" about long term brain damage.

Why not? Is it because they are usually the poorest lowest income fighters who nobody cares about? Like- what else can they do to make a living? Embrace their lot in life. Not many college graduates in pro boxing.

And if we are so modern and civilized now,and flush with scientific data..then why the hell are we still inventing ever more violent sports? Mixed Martial arts includes concussions AND a broken leg. Progress!

THEN, we don't even stop there. NOW we have superstar woman MMA who already have thick foreheads and rounded noses from hundreds of punches. Swellings that never go away. You can only imagine what damage is going on under the skin at the same time. THEN they give birth ?

Football? like a walk on a Sunny Sunday at this rate.

Does KNBR pay KRON bonus for everytime Radnich misses attending big games?

I'm trying to figure out how he can skip every single Giants/Warrior/A's playoff,NLCS,WS.NBAFinals. without a single at the game interview? How does that help KRON?  Where's the money?

Or,should I just take it at face value- Aaron Pero is firing staff and on air persons for ratings declines,while the big budget drain,only shows up to ad lib...then goes back home? Because those two are in the same club?

Does 49er stadium even have an evacuation plan for 80,000 people?

Just wondering.

Drunk JR Stone of KRON insults Miss Universe. +more..

You've seen the commercial that warns buzzed driving is drunk driving?  So is buzzed interviewing.

KRON's JR Stone started off alright..his voice was a little slurry. Miss Universe answered his first question (I ferget exactly) with  "Yes! I would love to live here"  Stone then says like a lech, "If you dress like THAT you can move here anytime". He only left out " hey baby" and " you slut"

KRON needs to end Stone interviewing young woman. He's the guy who when the Giants were last in the World Series asked a hot brunette in a sports bar if the Giants would win. She -on live tv- said FUCK YEAH!"

And it isn't just me to not like his style. Pamela Moore shook her head.

I forgot to add-- Not only Miss Universe gave Stone the "you insult me" did a hot blond next to her who reacted as soon as Slurry Stone got the question out.  I think her body language said "You are an ass". Just like that.

Stan picks who should be performing at the Super Bowl. With more!

Carlos Santana.
Sly and The Family Stone-  comeback!
Journey..with Steve Perry.
Green Day.
Tower of Power.
Jefferson Airplane.  Even if missing a co pilot....
Creedence Clearwater Revival.  John and the poor boys make up.

Hey,if you want a bit of Train or Smashmouth...I like Jupiter and All Star.
Digital Underground. Do the Humpty Hump. Haven't heard it in a while.
The Beau Brummels. To this day "Last Laugh" is a taking a shower song. I go way back.

Michael Crabtree...says Kap is vain and lazy.

Pretty much. He also said that Kap doesn't hit the playbook or look at film.

My opinion of Kap? Money changed him. Just as when JaMarcus got the millions down payment..that was the end of his work ethic,strive to be the best.

We all remember the rookie Kap...smiles..sweaty in camp..then..

We got the GQ Kap. The Lamborghini Kap...the above criticism Kap. The plenty of time to sit for Tats,Kap.

I always will point out the commercial of Kap,Brees,and Eli Manning all throwing a football simultaneously.  Bree's has fastest release,Manning next....and while the ball from Brees was already airborne,Kap was still in 12 O'clock windup.

Some body types can never be great QB's. Too fat and too tall. The bay area has seen both experiments crash and burn.

Mellisa Stark, Megan Kelley- seperated at birth.

Whoo- if one didn't have blue eyes-Stark-,they would be identical.  A young Jennifer Montana and younger Kate Kelly had that look too.
How can you look that good on a cup of Top Ramen and a celery stalk per day?

KPIX's Maria Medina.."Curvy Girl styles limited" owner.

I noticed her last year on5...she's a little intense.

Lots of photos of her on the net- some like the kind KRON fired Erica Kato for. They also didn't like that Kato had a fashion sideline as also Maria.

Maria is Pinay in  case you are wondering and you know you were. Filipina,as in Philippines to you non Tagalog fluent people.

KPIX Len Ramirez throws a football.

So far, he's best. Actually spun the ball to grab the laces. Since he was throwing to a young lady pee wee player, I don't take away points for a soft throw. Style is good.

Da Lin throws a football.

Eh..much room for improvement.

All this football throwing reminds me of when I was a kid and we had those Voit rubber footballs that were not official- despite what the label might have said- proportions. So fat in the middle,you couldn't really grab it to you sort held it closer to the end.  The first time I ever grabbed a real leather nfl football,it seemed miniature by comparison. Svelte,even-lol.

Yes,the Brady deflate gate? I knew why.

Axel Rose is 54 today.

You think I DON'T ACT MY AGE?

Friday, February 5, 2016

Kate Cagle KRONs ray of hope.

Britt is too close to the fire. Like Diane was.
Kate? She bring back memory's. Linda and I would sit in a cafe's chairs and men would stare at her. I guess "Why is she with that guy?" She would calmly lite up a cigarette...never paid them guys any attention.
"Oh,you just have a little Beer Belly" when I apologized for my weight.
That and holding her ..she was so thin,I thought I might break her.

Gary Radnich answers me.

Yes,he's a very nice young man. Polite. And I hope him the very best in life.

You know what causes an Earthquake?..and the Super Bowl.

Its when two powerful tectonic plates smash into each other and lockup. The pressure builds and builds and BUILDS! suddenly the weaker one gives in and the other greater unleashes a dominating quake, pushes the weak in any direction it wants.
Carolina by 20.

oof.  I just reminded myself. Loma Prieta. Well,that takes some laffs out of that metaphor.

If this is a premonition..

Christina Rendon throws a football. Need I say it?

She threw like a Grant.

At least she got one pass into the net.

Tony Bruno on Yahoo and visiting the GGB?

I wish he would jump off....with Radnich under one arm and Damon Bruce under the other while Jim Kozimor rides piggy back.  Splash brothers...

Janelle Wang finds a ring by 6pm news.

Not a big surprise. When I posted Julie Glass had no rings on? By the next time I saw her,the ring was on.
I doubt these woman remove their wedding rings by ritual and put them back on later.  I guess they worry that single guys in TV land will get ideas.
From who?

Gary Radnich cant fool anybody. Not even his nephew.

"This is my wife's sister's kid,son"...then Radnich's wife tells him "That makes him our nephew".."Does it? eh" sez Raddy.  So of course the kid waited a few beats,then held Alicia's arm and looking at Radnich said "This is my Aunt"...then he stopped talking.
Uncle Gary got schooled.

I predict: Amber Lee to last as long as a Belva Davis.

She just gives that vibe of somebody with a very long career ahead of her. I can see her being a KTVU icon.
We will see.

Which of these is not true about Damon Bruce?

He thinks the Sports dial is set to men. He thinks Bobby Knight is one of our greatest Americans. He plays Mexican pbp because he admires Mexicans.

Pick one.

Janelle wedding ring.

wow- Last time I saw her..she was practically a newlywed. What kind of crumb makes her so unhappy..she leaves him?  Must be the usual booze,drugs,gambling..and all circles around cheating on her.
You now have a chance on Match.Com   She's the  "Asian anchorwoman who likes to travel,dance,fine wines and looks great to your friends. 200K income"   What more could you ask?..

Whats wrong with John Lund? Papa even feeling embarassed.

His voice has gone up..something about the guy. And Papa didn't want to go there when Lund started doing "Mexican Raiders " jokes the other day. Today?..Lund attacked the White House media for laughing at Obama's "unfunny" jokes. I thought Obama was funny and had great timing. Like a regular Barrack Hope.
Lund?" Ewww...that's not funny" he whined in a distinctly feminine voice. THEN he was in hysterical laughter at the unfunny robot of truth bit 95.7 does. He laughed like a guy who's world is crumbling down.
Papa stayed out of most of that.

Eric Thomas,Shu,Drew Tumafish. The Three News Amigos.

Only having fun with Drew's last name. Helps me to remember it.

I never would have guessed those three would mesh as well as they do. In particular Tuma and Shu. They actually made me laugh a few times. Eric and Shu? I see working well together..but Tuma blends right in.

Tuma has the look that's in style in bay area tv. Raj,Grant Lodis,Tuma,all from the same cloth. A few others too.

Gee,being sick means I have MORE time for Observations...

Heck,I'm catching everything now- I demand perfection!

Rocky Blier takes shot at Obama. Where? On the Gary Radnich show.

Radnich laughed and snorted as Blier put down the PUSA for being a "good reader" Republican speak for put-downs that cover various areas.

Radnich is a Ted Cruz man he said.

C'mon Sal- pay attention.

KTVU runs the White House visit,and then goes live where Sal,looking kind of confused ad libs that Obama wanted Riley to be there. Yeah Sal,we heard Obama say that just 20 seconds ago.


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Britt getting no help from the Lodis and just condescending remarks from Pamela.

This was the end of the 8-9 show. Britt made a joke about puppy's..and she got crickets from Justine,and Lodis did his weird stare..said nothing.
Oh man..KRON is just outright hostile to new talent that isn't part of Devil Worship 101.

KRON need to look at that end. Just weird. They left her out to dry. The same group that was on their knees laughing as Gary Radnich bashes Obama.

Justine's hair looks terrible. Like she just got off the ship at Ellis Island. Hubby see's those Taylor Swifts around downtown..uhuh. Another Tom Nettles evolving.

The Gary Radnich and Pamela Moore Power trip.

Yes,I've see her lose it when he stuck it to her. BUT!  They have an agreement to keep in power. Gary Radnich can treat ANYBODY like dirt at KRON,and she will laugh. He can laugh at Dave by name,she laughs loud. He's glad to send Diane out on a hoverboard- she laughs loud..guffaws.
As long as its not her and she is the anchor at KRON.

Today's disgrace with the President of the United States and the Warriors? She's thinking of Neiman Marcus on her laptop and laughs because she knows her cue.

Britteney is in for it. Unless she caves. Stockholm syndrome.  Diane just gave kron the finger and left.

Btw- You notice Pamela never brings Britt into the conversation the last three kron minutes at 1135?  She will not. Just a cold shoulder. How can she do that EVERY night to that woman?

She will let Britt stand there like a statue smiling as she satisfies Radnich.  She will not defend anybody - present or past kron people when Mr Bitter Radnich rips. She's only for herself.

Now,blame me. None of the local media want to be seen doing PP&K..ha.

Its over-lol.  I ain't seeing the reporters grabbing a ball and push throw or wiggle wag run down the field.
C mon Monty!..Greg Papa, Damon Bruce,Larry, Fitz. Rod? lol..throws like a girl too. I mean,he was outdone by a 12 year old girl at the Colosseum one year. 
MACHO macho men,THEY got to be macho macho men..LOL.

I would die laughing seeing those guys put a worm on a hook!!

I want to see Gary Radnich run and throw a football. LOL,a coronary for him.

I bet he has a  dainty throwing motion.

Gary Radnich disrespects President Obama. Turns Warriors White House visit into old running gag.

He did the "keep putting off the main story" for the ones about African Americans that Gary Radnich like a plantation owner enjoys seeing. Jive and brag and dope smokers over the real Warrior achievements and Obama's.

What do you expect from KRON? Like their set resembling a rummage sale, They are just clowns now.
Gary Radnich must have had a great thought-not original- but since when is he that? "I know!,I will put that Demo bastard Obama on as late as I can to stick it to SF liberals."  That's old man Gary Radnich for you.

 Pamela joined in. If he doesn't pick on her? She don't care what he does to anybody. Its why she's not married has no children and has a BF who tells all the websites "Marry her? Never". Same as the abuse she gets with Gary Radnich. She returns for more the next day.

I think Pamela has issues. Serious ones, What went on in her family?

The cold shoulder EVERY GODDAMN NIGHT to Britt as Radnich rambles to her?

 Maybe not having children was best.

Thats the way,of the World. Child is born,the world makes his heart go cooold..

1975. That was the year.  EW&F, KC&The Sunshine Band, David Bowie and "Fame".  The theme from Jaws and little Dickies "Mr.Jaws" song.
James Taylor's version of How Sweet It Is.
I could go on.
No matter what the man says....
I'm not in love...
Midnight Blue....ok,mostly forced into my head. It was played hard in 75.
Let your Love Flow.. One of the very few great country songs.
Its Magic..possibly I'm a year off.
Ok- now I'm going Google.
 "Love will keep us together" And then last year she divorced his ass to keep her royalty's. Captain has some illness.
FREDDIE  FENDER! I haven't thought of him in years La Rasa.
Jive Talkin. I remember asking  a friend "That's the Bee Gees? "...Like Fame with Bowie it was an all new sound. Hip!
 Why Cant we be Friends? A Summer classic song.
It Only Takes a Minute Girl.  I dug Tavares.
PICK UP THE PIECES.   Still rocks and souls.

Not a single song that made me want to fight.  Just enjoy summer.

Evil Evil exec takes his FIFTH amendment. KRON doing the same thing about stalking me.

KRON is saying nothing.

XInfinity dvr is lousy quality. Dish's Hopper much better.

You know the game,one gives you half you give it a try again. The last year has been frustration with the XIfinity.   It's memory for what you record? About a tenth of the Hopper.

Then,XIfinitys FF,RR,F and and slow mo? Very poor. From the time you hit record or freeze frame? there is a one or two second delay. Now,with my 1996 VCR that had gears and levers and springs?..ok. But DIGITAL??.

With Hopper? When you hit pause- its instant.No delay. Digital world device. Hoppers various speeds in slow mo were great to use. Frame by Frame digital advance. When you used that with MLB super slow mo? You could see the bat ripple when it hit the ball. XInfinity? ONE speed of slo mo...and that's nearly as fast as real time.

One HUGE gripe about XInfinty? Every use of the remote causes the bottom 1/3 of the screen to go black!..WHY?  who needs that to read? AND- LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT Xinfinity dvr/cable box....its slow to go away. You saw a news scrawl that you caught the end of? unlike Hopper- rewind and play, NOOOO IXfinity goes black,so you have to rewind about 30 seconds farther in order for the black to fade. Try to time that!  What terrible engineering.

I'm going back to Dish as soon as I can.

John Lund giving off Bruce Jenner vibe. Nothing wrong.

He's...changed a bit.
Hey man- blaze a path. Only one life.

Liebeman puts up BAD ASS photo of Roberta Gonzalez. Yeah!

She looks like a  Mexican Kate Beckinsale wrapped in black leather in those Underworld's movies. Or,if you know whats what,like a revolutionary gazing at freedom for the people. Randy Hahn gets him some of that.
You know,she should have it cropped and made into a poster or 6X9.

Did I hear a Raider say my name on P&L?

Something about wanting to balance serious and goofy in his life..I thought he said like Stan. I will not say for sure- I was driving,the radio wasn't loud enough.

Hey I was driving down twisty Sunol-Pleasanton Road. I'm sure the game wouldn't want me to hit a tree. They need me.

Gary Radnich says "Eric Davis can't keep up". Old co-hosts on 49er games.

Yeah,I was shocked to hear him knock Davis upside his head. Said Davis was dumb, basically.
I think Radnich is on a tear of "You think I have grudges?- I'll show you grudges".  He's just going off on anybody who you know- isn't in the "club" I sure as hell don't mean fight club either.

He went after Pamela Moore last night like it was DV right on tv. Or Domestic spat at least.

The cost of 1985 Super Bowl tickets was $60.

If I'm off a few samolians,its still less then $3G's for Sundays game
What was an Apple pc? $2,500? Jobs never wanted the common man to have them.
Yeah later,for PR it was good to give to schools..but the pc' never went down.

So we all ended up with Windows and "patches" up the yin yang.

I want to see John Lund run and throw a football.

I get the feeling he might be a Lodis.  Ask John if he uses a left or right handed football.

Iguadala was right.

He was right. He didn't shoot the hell out of the ball,and he got Klay his money.  What if he had tried to out duel Klay or Curry?  the whole team chemistry would have been different.
Andre was right.

Man,Obama is the best President in my lifetime.

That goes back to Eisenhower when I was born. What more could he have done in 8 years? He restored the economy,healthcare,spoke out against injustice. He acted- took out Bin Laden,Quaii and the English headhunter savages..killed all three.
He got things done. A great man.

I admire the Warriors more then the Giants.

The Warriors are ALL attending. None of that asshole Lincecum needing space to smoke whatever,or Bumgarner doing his Oregon rancher bullshit...or Buster Posey,Zito all whined they didn't want to go. Real country manners and respect.

The Warriors love Obama. Me too.

KRON needs as Archie Bell and the Drells would say,"Too tighten up".

I mean..walking around in sneakers..and that thing where you see personal bags on the floor behind the news desk and and the sports podium? Not a good look. Sloppy.

 How hard can it be to wear formal shows for 10 minutes?

The bags? Just laying its not safe anyplace to keep them at kron for show times? Raddys guys do look like low life goons....

Radnich just grunts now at Britt at 11:33.  kron can make him tweet,but they can't make him be civil?

They got time to stalk me,no time to put things away. That's KRON.

Gary and Pamela looked at.

Its always strange at how much he needs her to validate him and their friendship. Sure,maybe every now and then...but almost nightly now?
Is he transferring her being his wife and her husband? He got very personal last night. "I got you this time" angry..juvenile and possessive.
Hell,the Britt thing has lasted much longer then I would have guessed. No thaw..its even icier now.
And- this was after the earlier show-at 8:45 where he was "We are 22 years together,blah,blah"...then he turns on her later.

Now you can see why he and his goons stalked me. They have no boundaries. Not even the law is respected by the cult leader.

Darya returns to her previous look.

She's happy with it. Dated is safe.

Natasha Zouvres. Like,Really, Really,young.

Yeah,in the morn there is no sage advice on kgo7.  She's really young- notice?

Interesting to see Sue. Hall. She's been around since what? the 70's?  What is it going to be like when humans all live to be 200? about having a life experience gap in the work force.

kgo went out on a limb deleting Eric Thomas and Kristen Ze in one swoop. Mike Nicco? eh,he's a bit slick,now is the elder.

Hey Grant...

Not to brag...but I CAN throw a spiral,I know how to throw a curveball. And I do say I have a sweet jump shot.
Although I dont walk as purdy as you.

Hey,I bet when you are downtown and you see those 22 year old secretaries who look like Taylor Swift batting eye lashes yer way...
You are in your prime..and they are right there.

Why a post so late?

Whoo- I have bronchitis now,cant sleep..that really hurts. I 'm not sure who's going to die first me or Raddy!
Or? Rod Brooks.....

btw- I would warn KRON to have security keep a close eye on that set. I'm serious.  Diane,Dave,Vanessa,..Britt. Something wrong is building up. Yeah.  I think Radnich unlike Grant can't see people will always side with the maiden. Fair or tanned.
Dont tell him it sounds like advice he might need. Because it sure is.

Gary Radnich verbally attacks Pamela Moore live on TV!

As Radnich was finishing the sports at 11:35,he tells Pamela "Those 26 year old's look down at the media like peons" He was pissed off, not laughing about it, She of course laughed at the idea that its degrading to media to do interviews with wealthy players. Like,its part of the job.

Radnich,then looks at Pamela-he's not smiling- and says "You are the most honest person I know,and would never laugh unless you meant it. He gave her the death stare.  P says " I try to Gary. Why are you taking a dig at me?"  "Because I got you.I've known you for 22 years and You know I'm right this time (at her being phony I took it)and I have you"  That was weird. "You know we are 75 seconds from being off the air and you are going to hear it from me." said PM. She was mad. Not pretending. She was angry.

Ok,My analysis.  What was this all about? He used his segment but really meant he hates to see Pamela Moore laugh with Britteny. That's what he meant by "You would never laugh at what wasn't funny". See,he sits in the off set and is getting angry that Pamela Moore is laughing at what Britt jokes about. You can only see that as everyday goes by he's getting angrier that she's making friends with Britt...
At 6:45 he spent his sports time talking about his hip hop rap he's telling the weatherwoman ,,"Get off my turf,shes mine"  Man,there is some deep emotional shit on that set. He does not want her to like Britt or Diane or..

Stan? eh,possible. Not.
ps,I'm so getting angry Darya is not taking my advice. I can hardly sleep. Yep.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

One last post for the night on dirty rotten no good Gary Radnich.

So,I'm reading my post somebody posted on reddit...he calls my blog fun reading btw...and he says he says that he was at a party- testimonial thing where Radnich was MC.   Radnich worked the guests and kept asking the hosts when he came across them "Where's you son?"  Well,as the guy tells it,Radnich had been told a few times the son had recently died.
He gave no details.

Darya gets modern. I like it.

The slightly altered hair...very good. Why play into what is your weakness? Go strong. Fluff the hair,get a bit of sexy covered eye- you then got something on a par with the hot body and curves. You knew I was right.

Mr.Stan knows beauty in and out. When yer on tv the outer you has to try and keep up.

No need to thank me.

Gary Radnich so greatfull Pamela loves him. Man,what does that say about his wife?

Damn,he was almost in tears because he said - I never heard- she said he wasnt a jackass I guess.  He has a wife? Why is he bleeding all over kron?

If Radnich had stuck to a script he would be better off. His reputation wouldn't be tatters.

Cam Newton will knock Frasier and Liston out in the first round!

In other words,nothing is new.
Oh well. Its new to kids.

Throw the ball Grant! I need a laugh!

That cheers me up with a cold. Laughter is the best medicine you know.

Stan explains fallen tree's to the ignorant media.

First of all the Eucalyptus. Eucs, are world famous for limb dropping. It natural for them and why you dont want to park under them. Second,there are hundreds and thousands of species all over the continent of Australia. Some grow by creeks...some are not adapted to that. They fall over in wet soil and windy weather. Its natural.

Second- Our native Oaks have taken dozens of droughts in the lifespan of those monarchs. What killed them? Homes with watered gardens will shorten 500years of growth to well, a few more decades. Their roots are killed by summer pathogens. As we all know- it goes dry in summer here.
Developers and homeowners have killed a million tree's and counting...

Gary Radnich caught off guard- Rick Ross asks about Britteny. He's bum rushed off the show!

Whoever Rick Ross is, he knows about Radnich black woman history.

So when he brought up Britteny- still getting the ice from Radnich- He did that thing when guests get the stop!, hand signals.
Why? He has to wonder.
So that's one guest tossed for mentioning Da Lin,and now one for Britteny.

She seems so nice. Well adjusted. Has no eyes on being number one sports anchor-ha. Still, He hates her.

Me and Britteny.

Damon Bruce now Mr Football. Only- he's not even going to the game!

I laugh HA!,at Bruce all wound like a kid on Christmas eve when a couple of weeks ago he boasted "I passed on my Super Bowl credentials- its going to be sooooo boring."   See? Now he's on an endorphin high at Super Bowl comicon.
The whole media has switched...I mean,wasn't it just a few months ago the media was all groans? Idiots..sports media putting down the SB IN SF!

So Damon can now see his old friends from back east,laugh and drink wine, and have a great time...then when the game is done with? On Monday "I told you..just a boring game and event".  Sure.

Stan posts MIGHT be spread out the next few days. Shoot,I will try my friends even still.

Super Bowl people in town are loving the kron and me mano- e- mano. I know it.

Brandon Tierney? He should ask Kate,Dave,Diane, Da Lin,..ya da ya da +ya da.. Ask me. Hell,I will toss in about Papa and Bruce as a bonus.
He,then can tell me  the old "life isn't fair"(I heard him say that once on 95.7 about something I posted).and then I come back with sure- so why not change that?

Grant Lodis..throws like a girl more then he runs like one.

Oh,Raddy and KRON,see?  I can tell the truth until you are in tears. That's what you get for stalking me...invading my privacy,and violating my civil rights.
I'm on the up and up- always have been. I have no idea Raddy's address,Krugers..nah.

But,10! Stanley Roberts Hayward story's only blocks from my house?  A red flag.  A Stan walk? Well,KRON is like the serial murderers who wanted to be caught. I caught you.

Stanley Roberts was doing reconnaissance missions to my home along with sort of looking for speeders I bet. I doubt he did that to any other KRON viewer.

That's a lot of totally illegal activity's from people who make a living reporting on illegal activity's.

The local media doesn't like me? I despise them. John Lund and Damon Indiana's anti Mexican crusade is like I dragged out into full view the bigotry I knew was there all along.

Sure- I caught all the Stan "veiled" remarks today.

I've been busy,and under the my posts might be a bit spread out. Lucky KRON.

Grant? uh,..My niece push throws a football. She's 7.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

KRON 4 your sneaker pimp station. Grant Lodis runs like a girl!

I guess they don't care..anchors like Lodis and Britt like Raddy walk in their, Nike's, Asics,  I bet they pound a few !
Remember when Grant did the Stan walk impersonation with Raddy? and how they laughed?  I laughed watching Lodis run more like a girl then his wife,who has sprinters long stride. Lodis arms even went girly side to side.

Another day at my local barrio/ghetto Food Source..

I cant just walk in and walk out like other markets...this place has an aura around it. Today I'm in line with my groceries and a older Latino woman starts to pay her $14 bill...then she pulls out her WIC stamps. The cashier tells her she has to sign those stamps or cards or whatever they were.

Get this- the cashier looks at the signature and tells her- "It doesn't match the other one"..Ok,I don't know what "other one meant" exactly,but it seemed kind of a technicality for $14 or so."I can't sell you those items"

I don't feel good- I have a cold,achy,tired and my patience with this runs out. I tell the cashier "Why don't you take a photo ID?"..she says they don't take those with WIC.

I watch them true crime shows..and even handwriting experts testimony isn't considered a sure thing. But in a supermarket? Please. NOW- If that cashier had said to me "these are counterfeit"..of course block the use.

But,it was obvious now- she's a grandma with her daughters cards. The daughter probably at home with the baby or kids.the reason she had those help cards. So,cut them some slack.

I mean,Donald Trump went bankrupt three times.Who paid his creditors? YOU did. Trump claims not so..but that's bullshit. Some creditors got nothing,some got penny's on the dollar.

So why would Food Source hassle poor people?

What else is new at Food Source? They no longer have "Spanish food Isle"..its Spanish foods now spread all over the store. Talk about an anti PC backlash by the manager..couldn't be more obvious especially considering the location.

A third complaint? I see generic cereals and cookies and all manners of  foods and goods are not being sold in  hardly any amounts. Just name brand.

Always something about that store..

Food Maxx is looking better and better. 

Yahoo being urged to sell. What did I tell you?

Huh? Did anybody in the media say what I did? Anyone?. No- you read it here first only coming out of my Superbrain.
Yahoo needs much was a bad decision to start posting in its news, articles from "The Globe" type websites of spaceships landing on the sun. I also hate "sponsored" that look like real articles. When I do make a mistake and click? Every time my anti bad thing program stops my browser from that page.
Yahoo news is a good homepage..I like it. Its problem is a ton of scripts and other near malware that will cause the page to freeze. I had to download apps for this cure and that cure.

Google search engine on Yahoo news. Sounds like a plan.

Mark Davis will NEVER sell part ownership of the Raiders for a stadium here.

His income would rise,and he would have a new stadium if Mark Davis sold 50% to Ellison or the 24 hour Fitness gym guy. You would think it would fulfill all he wants..a shiny stadium in Oakland or even Modesto, and flushed with money beyond other people wildest dreams.
And then Mark says no.

Why? Lets enter his brain....

Mark was belittled all his life by his father reports say. He has no real interests that any reporter has has ever revealed. No real estate tycoon,or mover and shaker at anything. His life was waiting for his dad to pass away.

When it did happen?- he fired everybody who had dedicated their lives to his fathers and the Raiders.. Amy and all the rest. Even the Kawakami fighter. How Freudian is that?

So,his owning the Raiders is his first adult thing in life. He takes no orders,asks no favors. Walks taller. I bet all I have have his wife has no say so on the team- no community property as long as Mark breathes.

After waiting since 18? He's not going back to asking somebody who knows more what direction Raiders football will be going.
He would rather put the team in a Las Vegas circus act or a Mesquite patch in San Antone before ever taking orders.

I also see he's a sensitive guy..seriously. No,no going back to THAT. Never.