Wednesday, February 24, 2016

1965's most popular rock songs in the bay area. By memory.

That was a huge year- some say THE greatest year in R&R history.  Why I remember that year as a child,I cant say...everything sounded good..and of course the songs of 1964 that bled over into 65 were nearly as great.
I have older to much older siblings,and the radio and old phonograph was always going Mostly rock,but an older sister had the whole Oakland thing going- with Mo Town and Smoky.
So what do I remember? "You've lost that Lovin Feel'in" ALL day,all the time. My bros loved that song.
"I can't Help Myself" the Four Tops..KYA in heavy rotation. The sax. You never forget the sax. I don't.

"Downtown"..oh man. All the radio station in the bay area played that- especially at Christmas time. A hint to get out and shop? That's what I remember,rains and Downtown.

"Satisfaction"..even to a little kid you got the idea it was naughty. But you sang along.
"Woolly Bully".  My brother had that record. Pumping that organ. DO you know it was THE most played song of 1965? True.
Now the Beatles? Sure I want to Hold You Hand was the big hit. But in the bay area I remember hearing "Michelle" played way more. Much more. That and "We Can Work It Out" . Irony. Almost teenage themselves the Beatles wrote about life is very short and no time for fussin and fightin. Now,half are dead. One for 35 years.

"Do Wa Diddy"- man I loved that song!.it hit me just right. It made me look forward to being a teen.

"My Girl" sister played that..and locally KYA couldn't get enough of that song. BIG in the bay area.

Those I remember as bay area faves. There were plenty more, "In Crowd" I loved that one too. I think the talk'in trash thing stuck with me.