Friday, February 19, 2016

Alicia Radnich has a new hairstyle. Looks good too.

Oh,boy, the power of blogging. Now,I'm not the kind of guy who come out and tell a woman-..well,like I did.
But,KRON collected some info on me- it had to be video- scary huh? It wasn't part of any news report. It truly was stalking as defined by the law.
So,..I gave it to them. Nobody looks perfect and if my walk made KRON laugh...hey,as crazy Bill Romonowski would say, Guess what?..wink.

Oh,her hair looked good. Yeah,it did make her look younger by ten years.
It was like when Pamela Moore would wear those grandma sweaters,and you saw her tiny shoulders grandma like. No more,mostly. She looks more ...modern now.