Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Another day at my local barrio/ghetto Food Source..

I cant just walk in and walk out like other markets...this place has an aura around it. Today I'm in line with my groceries and a older Latino woman starts to pay her $14 bill...then she pulls out her WIC stamps. The cashier tells her she has to sign those stamps or cards or whatever they were.

Get this- the cashier looks at the signature and tells her- "It doesn't match the other one"..Ok,I don't know what "other one meant" exactly,but it seemed kind of a technicality for $14 or so."I can't sell you those items"

I don't feel good- I have a cold,achy,tired and my patience with this runs out. I tell the cashier "Why don't you take a photo ID?"..she says they don't take those with WIC.

I watch them true crime shows..and even handwriting experts testimony isn't considered a sure thing. But in a supermarket? Please. NOW- If that cashier had said to me "these are counterfeit"..of course block the use.

But,it was obvious now- she's a grandma with her daughters cards. The daughter probably at home with the baby or kids.the reason she had those help cards. So,cut them some slack.

I mean,Donald Trump went bankrupt three times.Who paid his creditors? YOU did. Trump claims not so..but that's bullshit. Some creditors got nothing,some got penny's on the dollar.

So why would Food Source hassle poor people?

What else is new at Food Source? They no longer have "Spanish food Isle"..its Spanish foods now spread all over the store. Talk about an anti PC backlash by the manager..couldn't be more obvious especially considering the location.

A third complaint? I see generic cereals and cookies and all manners of  foods and goods are not being sold in  hardly any amounts. Just name brand.

Always something about that store..

Food Maxx is looking better and better.