Thursday, February 18, 2016

Biggest,most Pompous egotistical and narssistic personality's in the bay area TV media. Guess who's no.1?

Mostly TV. I don't listen to KSFO or I'm sure those Nazi's would dominate this list.

1.Gary Radnich. Never met a fantasy of how great he is he's didn't just love. ALL he surveys are less then himself. He enjoys putting co workers out of jobs,it satisfies his inner hate. Like a shoplifter who has the money...just the power thrill of stick it to them is what Radnich enjoys.
2. Dan Noyes. Wow,nobody in local media history has taken themselves more seriously than Dan. He's Aviator glasses and martini and bars investigation with an icy demeanor.
3. Damon Bruce. If he's not saying he's got it all understood,he's asking the rhetorical "Do I have stupid on my forehead?" and the answer is -yes and too often.  The car he drives (see no.1) he brags about? Its so he can zoom past 98% of the culture of the bay area and find a hidy hole of Indiana thinkers.

4. Laura Anthony. And I like Laura...but, she is so no nonsense that KGO would NEVER ask her to cover the baby horse with a broken leg. She would shoot it and say "Problem solved". Don't waste Laura's time. OOPS.  I was wrong!..she just yesterday did the sad story of the petco dog. Leave it to Laura to be one the very few to prove me wrong! I told you I liked her. Nice to see she is a softy deep down.

5.Greg Papa. Greg is convinced he's one of the Apostles..of sports. Another who lets it be known what cars he drives. Do I really need to tell you he's convinced he knows everything? Its gotten to where he claims he gave Al Davis advice. Sure,like he would step up and do that with Mr. Raider.
Look close at "The Last Supper" Greg has the microphone at the end of the table and is calling the change of blood to wine as Jesus is better than Jordon!!. He's not exactly sensitive.

6. Raj Mathai.   Raj studied looking at the camera under Brian Williams. Them two sure love to be seen in a nice suit and cuff links. He's not a bad dude,but he loves himself a hell of a lot.

Beautiful Anchor Woman? So?.that's life-lol. I like vain. Let them stroke their hair, wear highest shoes,what do I care? Even if I do know long term in the bay area is being-portraying-humble and with loving nods. The best were great at that.

7. Jim  Kozimor slips in.  He's subtle supersized ego. One trait of those kind? When you one up them in a talk,debate?...they change the subject. Cut their losses without admitting they were wrong. Its how Jim is still claiming the Cespedes trade was brilliant. You can never prove to him he was wrong ,because he stops you cold and says "The rapping sports dude is next after the break"....

8. Ah,plenty more are on the line and progressing. Dan Ashley, JR Stoned. Mike Nicco,Rick Tittle and his look a like Tom Vacar. Tom does the Lords work..but man,he's like jaded x jaded squared. John Lund? nah- he's on the ego and insecure list.
Guess who's no.1 on that list too?

Oh,yah. I should add Bob Fitzgerald.  Knowing how he thinks? He WANTS to be on this list.