Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bill Romonowski is why affirmative action was created.

He can be as verbally assaultive- and wrong- as he wants... yet the local media bows down to him. No rebuking.
Its the Larry Kreuger syndrome. If the media goes after them one by one...big business will protect them and put the critics on the shit list. No more guests on shows to further their own careers,no extra at Christmas for the family.
Thats how our crooked businessman have done it for years now on local sports radio. Cumulus,Ted Griggs, Lee Hammer,Comcast,Yahoo,SF  Gate.  Nothing about favorite media club members faux pahsee's that they then try to sweep under the rug- asap.

Gubers ghetto speak? Remember that? Yahoo never mentioned it.

Romo is right there with Tony Bruno- pal for every good old boy in town.  Illegal? Boy Negro?

Hey, we forgive ourselves!  All the time too!