Thursday, February 11, 2016

Global Warming hitting the bay area big time. I remember..

February in the 60's and 70's were never like the February of the 2000's.  To me? It seems like GW is actually speeding up faster- much faster- then predicted. I wonder what those old monarch tree's felt when it was near 80f the other day? The month that could have easily been cold and soaking wet..was putting out like Cabo.
Yeah- I myself have planted things in my yard from tropical climates and they are doing well. I have a few Papaya plants,Mango shrubs- they have fruit in summer. This is in the bay area,the SAN FRANCISCO bay area.
And you know? In summer I get sunburns. I never sunburned before unless it was from being in a swimming pool all day. Now,I get burns just driving with the sunroof open (So,close it stoopid!) just around town.
All I read says that we here are in one of the faster warming spots in America.  I agree.