Saturday, February 6, 2016

Concussion hypocrites.

It seems like football is the most violent sport ever invented- right there with the Roman's man slaves vs lions,or even more one sided man vs elephant.
Only,all the shock and revelation and disgust for the NFL? Including a local predicting the end of the NFL in 30 years or the like? Is hypocrisy of the highest order.

I don't see any outpouring of sympathy for boxers who are concussed every round- multiple times.  Heck its even a joke "Punch Drunk" about long term brain damage.

Why not? Is it because they are usually the poorest lowest income fighters who nobody cares about? Like- what else can they do to make a living? Embrace their lot in life. Not many college graduates in pro boxing.

And if we are so modern and civilized now,and flush with scientific data..then why the hell are we still inventing ever more violent sports? Mixed Martial arts includes concussions AND a broken leg. Progress!

THEN, we don't even stop there. NOW we have superstar woman MMA who already have thick foreheads and rounded noses from hundreds of punches. Swellings that never go away. You can only imagine what damage is going on under the skin at the same time. THEN they give birth ?

Football? like a walk on a Sunny Sunday at this rate.