Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Damon Bruce wails on Mark Morford. I wonder why?

I caught some of Bruce yesterday just floored by Morford's little piece on the Super Bowl.
So's,I read it.
I didn't see anything that would- despite Bruce insistence- that would get anybody fired. Nada. Pretty much what you hear from people who have no interest in football in SF. A waste of money.

I don't know about that..those tourists came to spend big bucks,none were camping in was all Hotels,not hostels, baby.

Usually I would agree with Morford about the police state statement of their presence everywhere. Only,this year is different. Probably the next several years will be different until so much time goes by- its now the same.

It might be nice to have the Olympics too. Beings a sports lover,it seems like a good idea. No athletes getting heat stroke here.

Bruce said that Morford declined to be interviewed.  I wonder what he wrote that would make anybody want to interview him?