Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Deepak Chopra. ha?.

I saw him on the  "The Closer to Truth" TV show. Now, you would think by now he would have his answer down pat for "What is God?". Right?..its the most basic philosophical question after- why am I here?

So Deepak tells Robert Kuhn that God is in us,God is what makes us seek the right path..and you see Kuhn get fidgety and he's not liking what he hears.

See,I think that Kuhn with his Judeo roots along with the vast majority of his Christian guests ALWAYS think of God as one unit.  Chopra,with his Hindu culture..blends that in with the idea that God might be a multi force manifesting in different ways.

This is the only episode where Kuhn almost laughs at the guest. A fast edit pulls away from looks like what was a good laugh about to happen.

I cant say who's right. I myself think both are wrong. You can't have a creator for infinity or for something that has always existed- even when it didn't in present form.

Chopra? I remember when he started,black suit,black horn rimmed glasses..yeah,he's digging the money and fame though. He lectures now in bright red leather shoes and bright red glasses with diamonds. He's a regular Deepak John.